The Garbage Man – by Patrick Ranasinghe

The Garbage Man – by Patrick Ranasinghe

Patrick_RanasingheThis is a dedication in song  written to the evergreen melody of the hit song of the Everly Brothers. Lyrics written and sung by Dawn Bahar during the early onset of the dreaded Parkinson’s disease and Fibrosis of the lungs which leaves her gasping for breath.  She always blesses them when they pass by our bedroom window shouting “kunu  kunu” which means “dirt, dirt”. The Gman, who  handles our garbage, even during the time of the lock downs, does a service which none of us will ever dream of.

Please say a special prayer for Dawn for her great effort and the Garbage Man for his service to the nation. They are most times forgotten. 

Dawn is so special as I her husband, Ishan  cannot recall any musician anywhere in the world dedicating a song with a blessing to the Gman. I am so proud of her.

Bless you if you watch the song on YouTube. Do something special for the Gman. Can you imagine your life without them. It will be a stinking mess.

Ishan Bahar

The Garbage Man

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