The Unity in A Contradiction Over Time: Top Dog Bullying in Cricket-by Michael Roberts

The Unity in A Contradiction Over Time: Top Dog Bullying in Cricket-by Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts


Michael Roberts in Email Chat with Errol Fernando, 3 November 2023: “Indian Cricketers Today Emulate the Aussies of Yesterday”


Mike Roberts:  responding to a cricketing point made by Errol Fernando, on 3 November 2023, re some unplayable balls produced by the Indian pacemen in the World Cup Match at Mumbai on 2nd November 2023

“I agree with you about some of the UNPLAYABLE BALLS, Errol; BUT MY FOCUS HOWEVER IS GOING TO BE on

Mohmmed Siraj’s threatening verbals.

The failures HERE of captain Sharma …. the umpires …and the commentators.



I must write a STINKER. …. GUIDED by my own work …three items 26, 27 & 28 from ABUSE IN THE WORLD OF CRICKET” …. a sub section in ESSAYING CRICKET 2006  Vijitha Yapa Publications.



IT says something about competition in the world that the new top dogs behave like the old top dogs (AUSSIES) ….. THIS maybe inherent in politics.



Email Response from Errol Fernando, 3 November 2023

Of course, Michael, I TOTALLY agree with you about the more than appalling conduct of Siraj. He outdid the UGLY AUSTRALIANS in their prime! And he kept it up and didn’t stop!

Worse still, his captain heartily approved! And so did the umpires!  Oh, no. It was a total blight on the so-called ‘Spirit of the Great Game’ and was an absolute disgrace, to put it mildly. Not a whimper from the commentators either. What was the verdict of the highly-paid and illustrious Match Referee??

Most surprising of all is that it was completely and entirely unnecessary!  The Sri Lankan batting was in disarray and India was completely on top with wickets falling all over the place. Siraj merely had to conserve his energy and keep his mouth shut. Instead he went out of his way to behave like a hoodlum bully boy.

Let me have a glass of water and cool off, Michael!

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