I Don’t even need an introduction to this one.

The music, more specifically, “O SOLO MIO” (My Sunshine)

written in 1898, (38 years before I was born), was then taken by LeonTheremin, who, because he could not sing, and probably ha a few fingers missing, as well, decided to invent this thing in 1920, that you don’t need any fingers, to play. The “Instrument” is a simple rectangular little box-like structure, that has to be “switched-on” electronically, I suppose, although I wonder about this technology back in  1920, and then, how the chords are played with the left fingerless hand, I’ll never know, but the right hand of this  lovely young lass, had her fingers moving in accordance with the music, while still about a foot OVER the instrument, as you will see. BECAUSE Seeing is believing, my eLanka readers & others will be astounded to watch this instrument being played, and this is all I can say about this, but it does give me the ideal opportunity to explain to everyone out there, that, in addition to writing all this interesting stuff, I have been a singer(of sorts), a (ham) bit-part Actor, also, a Morel (pronounced Moyle by Elaine of Seinfeld), when I was given the job of circumsizing some older elephants, with a Circus Troupe I joined in the Ceylon of olden days (they might have been olden, BUT those were the days, folks), anyway, my “Morel-Maintainence” job did not pay too much, although the “tips” were huge. 

       Getting back to the Music, I was also a Poet, a Songwriter, and a multi-instrumentalist, who, although I have not played a Steel-Guitar, or a “Thereminger”, as I would call her, managed to teach myself to play Rhythm & Lead Guitars (both 6 &:12 string ones), the Ukelele, Harmonica, button & piano Accordions & Electronic Keyboards. Not having ever learnt Music-Theory, I could never write my own ” Arrangements”, as I wanted to do, and yet, I can still “Compose” both lyrics & music to a song in a couple of hours. I have to say finally, that I cannot take tge credit for any of this. These have ALL been gifts to me, by a most generous GOD, and I thank HIM very sincerely, for them. Now, let’s watch the Artiste (whatever her name is), the Therminger, and O Solo Mio, & may the sunshine be with you.

Desmond Kelly

Desmond Kelly.

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