“TSUNAMIS” by Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’


by Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’

desmond kelly

A truly dreaded word, especially for the poorer human beings living at waters’edge on the fringes of Islands large & small, “Tsunamis'”, dreaded by ALL.

It is certainly not pleasant to begin a new day with an “article” such as this, especially after I have just finished one on “Bali-Belly”after being absolutely horrified of “watching” what goes on, on one of God’s most beautiful “Holiday Islands”

For those of you who have not been able to read what I have written, please make the effort to switch on to eLanka, the website for “Lankans” everywhere & if some of you good folk do not have command of the English language, please have one of your younger Kin to “translate” for you. Generally speaking, this genre of “migrants” do have a very good understanding of what, in my opinion, is STILL the most important, “useful”, International Language in the World, ENGLISH.

To get back to Bali, not for a moment, do I suggest that my readers “cancel” future “holidays” there. Sometimes, in the heat of an emotional moment, I write words that, on later perusal, I feel should have been more evenly “tempered”, pardon the pun.

On those who purposley “serve” dog-meat to ANY unsuspecting tourists, I take back NOT a single word I wrote. These “Scumbag” are severely tainting the “picture” of what is essentially a most beautiful Isle.

This writer has never been one of the “travelling kind”, still, this does not stop me from studying about the rest of our Planet, which I do, whenever I get the chance to. Like Sri Lanka, my lovely Island home, there are several more tiny Islands that ARE in real danger of disappearing from the face of the Earth. So far, it has only been GOD who has decreed otherwise. MAN is doing his utmost to destroy the World, what, with all the interference of the Earth’s Crust, the constant digging for oil, coal & other substances, all with only ONE thought in mind, MONEY!. The “Root of all Evil”, plus the “Persuit for Power”, has, so far, only brought us Tsunamis, Eruptions of major Volcanoes, Fires, Floods, Droughts, you name it, ir’s happening right now. Were it not for the absolute GREED of Mankind, the Earth, I feel, would be a much better place to live in.

There would be much less “Refugeeism”, there would be much less shrinkage of the icebergs causing “Climate-Change” (just one example of many), which is not a imagined fallacy, but a “certainty”, as sure as
GOD made little apples,(to quote a phrase).

There would be NO WARS, were it not for the persuit of power. Mr.Adolph Hitler was a shining example of this. He DID bring Germany out of the “doldrums”, so to speak, could have made it the greatest Country in the World, HAD everything a man could possibly want, and what does he do? . He wanted to conquer the entire World, failed miserably, fell in a heap & shot himself. The only sad thing, as far as I am concerned, was that he had to “put-down” a beautiful German Shepherd dog, into the bargain. This dog was his constant companion & brings me into the “final chapters” of this particular “story”.

I apologise for any negative inference on Bali. It is a beautiful “holiday spot”, but then, so is Lanka.

Tourists, please go ANYWHERE you can to help the financial conditions for ordinary folk there, but please REMEMBER THIS. Be very careful of WHAT & WHERE you eat & drink in these Countries. If you SEE what I saw on television, (please refer to “Bali-Belly”) , report it to the local authorities over there, make a HUGE fuss and inform them that you would never be back and do EVERYTHING TO PREVENT THESE “T-S-U-N-A-M-I-S” :


If we must have “meat”, there are plenty of animals that are bred to provide such, but again, these “animals” MUST be “put to sleep” HUMANELY. If a “Vet” can use a “needle” to sedate an animal before giving it the “final” one, & the effect would be so comforting even to Euthanasia-minded human beings, I can see no reason why Cattle etc., should not get the same treatment before ending up on dinner-plates. EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD MUST BE LEGALLY,TOTALLY FORBIDDEN TO SLAUGHTER ANY ANIMAL WHATSOEVER, INHUMANELY. Domestic pets, a VERY definite NO-NO!!!.They look after you, you, do the same thing. Please don’t worship them, just.look after them.

Billions of dollars are being spent on much less worthwhile things, FOR GOD’S SAKE, Animals are HIS CREATION TOO. “Let Us Legislate, To Stop Their Fate”.
All Governments, please take note.

Desmond Kelly.
Star of eLanka.
P.S. Unashamed lover of all animals as well.

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