Another outlaw,another multi-talented individual, another member of the “Country rat-pack”who, together with guys like Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, & Kris.Kristofferson set the “Country-Music World on fire, touring, entertaining thousands of “fans”with their “outlaw-style” music, Willie Nelson has always “been around,” writing great songs, singing them (rather nasally), when I first heard him, but, in a style similar to Frank Sinatra, who was supposed to be the most “technically” perfect singer of all time.

Willie Nelson sings many of his songs, phrasing the lyrics, sometimes completely out of rhythm, but still completely in cadence, which is by no means easy to do. He also plays an old broken-down acoustic guitar, named Trigger (after the favourite horse of old cowboy star, Roy Rogers), still plays it to perfection, backing himself expertly in the process.

Unlike many of his “buddies” who have sadly now passed-on, Willie is still “rockin-on”, Country-Style and I take this chance to pay tribute to this man who has “been through the mill”, so to speak, while he is still very much alive & kicking. It doesn’t really matter, but, to me, “Music” will always be the number one priority in what is termed a progressive World where, it seems, everyone wants to go somewhere, but there is nowhere to go. “Lightning phrases” like “all-good”, “going forward”, “awesome” & “cool” are all very good, but you can take all these phrases, combine them, & relegate them to Willie Nelson, as he sings “Waltz across Texas”, by far, the best version of this great Country Song, recorded.

There is very much more information on Willie, himself but my job is to give all my eLanka readers out there a chance to HEAR what superb music is all about.

Willie still waltzes with the best of them. Go, Willie.


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