A father & daughter combination that is second to none.
Frank Sinatra, “old blue eyes”, “cranky Frankie”, call him what you will, Sinatra (R.I.P.), was well known as technically, the best Vocalist in the entire World. He had his “good points”, he had his “bad”, but so does every one of us. During his “younger days”, no-one could touch him, in the entertainment stakes. He had his choice of beautiful women, mainly because, when he sang a song, he would pick a “beauty” in his audience and sing TO HER. He once said that he’d rather stay in bed than sing a few songs at the “Sands” hotel & casino in the Las Vegas Strip, in Nevada
for 50 thousand dollars offered to him, one weekend in the mid 1950’s, and this was a huge amount of money, even in the old days. Colour meant nothing to Frank Sinatra, who once refused to enter a hotel unless his buddy Sammy Davis Jnr., could go in, with him. To add to his musical talent, he also became an Oscar-winning Actor in the film ” “From Here To Eternity”, Starred, in ” The Man With The Golden Arm” & received critical acclaim for his part in “The Manchurian Candidate”.

Frank Sinatra’s daughter, “Nancy with the laughing face”, as he called her, was also a singer, although, not half as famous as her dad, still idolized him and recorded a song with a title that I would NEVER have chosen, myself. However, this father/daughter combination was so special that I forgive them for doing ” SOMETHING STUPID”.

This will be followed with the man HIMSELF, singing a tribute to another Nancy, (his first wife), Nancy Barbato, saying “SHE’S FUNNY, THAT WAY”. Please enjoy Francis Albert Sinatra, folks, one of the best singers who graced our Planet.

Desmond Kelly
 Star of eLanka


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