Covid 19 emerged like a thief in the night, causing dramatic changes in the World, as we know it, a Global Pandemic that has not only caused Medical chaos, but Economic chaos as well. This mysterious plague has hit Earth with such ferocity, thousands of lives have already been lost with sadly, many more to go, and W.H.O. has come in, too little & too late to do very much about it ?.

“WHO” ?, you ask. Well folks, their acronym is the answer.

          With all the bad news, there has to be some good news as well. Both Australia and Sri Lanka have escaped the fury of this little invisible bug, to a certain extent. By sheer good management, both Countries have minimised Covid 19 & now look forward to a massive “long-jump” to the other side, with great anticipation. 

          As I have always said, no matter what, good Music will always be a panacea for whatever ailment comes our way, and this is doubly true, with regard to Sri Lanka, or Ceylon, as it was previously known. Without too much fuss & bother, many well-known “Names” in our Showbiz fraternity got together to record this song about the Aluth Iskole’ or New School they are looking forward to going to, post Covid 19. I am extremely impressed with this Video, as a whole.

The  “Singing-Stars” are all very good indeed, but then, so is the backing Video. Beautifully done, and brought back many memories to an ageing Writer, who would certainly have a part of it, were he back in his Lovely Island Home.

          This “Aluth Iskole’ is for each & every reader of eLanka

both in Australia, & the U,K,, plus ALL our many readers around this Planet. Some of you may not understand the Lyrics of the song, but then, it is time you enrolled in your own “New School”. Please enjoy this Video my friends.


    Desmond Kelly.
(Editor-in-Chief)  eLanka, 



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