Amila Abeysekera cruises to pinnacle of fame for his passion, dedication, and resilience – by Sunil Thenabadu

Amila Abeysekera cruises to pinnacle of fame for his passion, dedication, and resilience – by Sunil Thenabadu

Amila Abeysekera cruises to pinnacle of fame for his passion, dedication, and resilience - by Sunil Thenabadu


Sunil-ThenabaduTo Amila Abeysekara and all other actors and actresses acting show business is not glamorous or glittering as to the outside observer.Of course it is breathtaking and exhilarating which draws personnel who desire of living in that world into studios from all walks.However insiders are well aware it is a lot of stiff exertion. If one is to succeed in the movie field there are three vital traits that all productive artistes in the industry should have in common, passion which Amila possess in abundance, apart from innate ability to act could sing well with a trained voice. Secondly is dedication which should not be a passing interest in performing.The other characteristic needed to be a good actor is resilience as many faces rejection in acting, but Amila had navigated over such constraints in his early acting vocation. Pursuing a career in the performing arts is a challenging path which Amila had effectively chased.

Amila was born in Kandy on 7th March 1983 apart from parents has two younger brothers, Initial primary education was at Dharmaraja College Kandy before his family moved to Maharagama when he was barely ten years old.Amila has had his rest of his secondary education at the President’s College in Maharagama where he had excelled in Cricket and thereafter had played for a number of clubs but did not pursue a career as a cricketer as acting took precedence. But Amila remains an ardent supporter of Sri Lankan cricket ,who never misses an international cricket fixture involving native Sri Lanka.Amila was seen as an ardent supporter of Sri Lanka,in the recently concluded ICC T20 WC tournament Amila was seen at all venues in Dubai when Sri Lanka participated.

Amila is more popular as a tele drama actor rather than be identified as film star,Amila came to the limelight after his portrayal of role “Amantha” in the blockbuster tele drama serial “Paba” for which role he was awarded the best actors award at  “Raigam tele “awards in the year 2009.Amila was hailed for been the host presenter at four “Derana Dream Star” reality programs in consecutive years from its inauguration.

Amila married his long-time partner in year 2010 Theja Gunawardena though the registration was in year 2004.Theja is based in Dubai attached to the prestigious Emirates Airline in UAE as a flight attendant.

In year 1998 Amila got by a sheer quirk as a mediator at the Swarnavahini television channel. His maiden tele drama acting career begun in year 2000 in the blockbuster serial “Depath Nai”,while his breakthrough to the silver screen was in year 2008 when he portrayed the character of “Linton” as a supporting role in the remake blockbuster of 1971 Neil Rupasinghe’s  “Hathara denama Soorayo”.Thereafter in year 2012 as a lead role portrayal in “Sihinaya Dige Enna”.Amila was entrusted to be the host  in the musical program ‘Rhythm Chat” in the Jathika Rupavahini which he presented admirably.

Some of the famous tele dramas Amila acted in were “Adaraneeya Chanchala”,”Adara Wessa”,”Depath Nai”,”Diriya Doni”,”EktamGe”,”Giri Shiikara Meda”,”Googly”,”MiniMuthu”,”MuthuPalasa”,”Mini Muthu”,”MuthuPalasa”.”Nethaka Mayavee”,”Night Learners”,”Paba”,”Pini wessak”,”Ridi Pahan”,”Sanda Eliya”.”Sarasa Seya”,”Sathweni Dawasa”,”Saveena”,”Senehasa Kaviyak” ,Mini Muthu,”,Muthu Palasa,,

“Siinayak Paata Paatin”,”Sith Bindi Rekha” ,“Situ Gedera”,”Sonduru Dadayakkaraya”,”Susumaka Ima”,”Thurumpu Asiya”,”Wasanthaya Atan Evith”,”Wessa Numba wagai” etc.,

Amila had acted in a much fewer number of films apart from “Hatara denama Soorayo in 2011 he acted in film “Suseema” and in 2012 in film “Sihinaya Dige Enna”.

Amila Abeysekera during the decade of 2000 was a sought after teledrama actor having had to offer services to many tele dramas finding time to give dates for producers was somewhat cumbersome. During this period his tele dramas were telecast in several channels not allowing many to watch all of them simultaneously.In the recent times he had opted to remain on a low profile as he is divulging more attention to becoming an entrepreneur. All fans would wish him success in all his endevours as he is still young in late thirties.

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