“COP THIS”!!! – By Des Kelly

“COP THIS”!!! – By Des Kelly

Things you have probably never seen before, or are likely to never see again, except on eLanka. A rather long sentence summed up in two “Aussie words”. Amazing scenic pictures, even for this day and age, sent to me by our honoured West Australian “Mite” better known as Maxwell Gerreyn. Maxie always sends me these things that never fail to astound me, and, in turn, I would love to share with eLanka fans and members around this World of ours. Please sit back, relax & enjoy these astonishing facts. COP THIS !!

Desmond Kelly

 Desmond Kelly. 
(Editor-in-Chief) eLanka.

Things you probably have never seen before……..

1 Aerial  view of Central Park , New  York

2 Second hand mobile phone market –   China

3 Ship  & tugboat – Corinth Canal ,   Greece

4 Magdeburg   Water Bridge – Germany – 500 Million Euros, 6 Years to build, 918 Metres in  length

6   Tibetan Mastiff Dog – Sold for 1.5 Million  Dollars

7 Carpet  of flowers – Brussels ,   Belgium

     9    Window  washers at Children’s Hospital –   U.S.A.

10   Nature’s bridge –   India

11   Living  on the  edge

12    El  Penon de Guatape – 650 Ft stone –   Colombia

13   Camouflaged mobile phone tower –   U.S.A.

14  Statues bigger than you thought – Easter  Island

15     7,000  trees planted to form guitar on a farm in Argentina

16 Supercell storm cloud –   U.S.A.

17 Niagara Falls –   Canada

19 Buttress tree roots – Costa  Rica




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