Derrick J, our own King of Romance, A Legendary Entertainer Continues to Shine

Derrick J, our own King of Romance, A Legendary Entertainer Continues to Shine


Derrick J, our own King of Romance, A Legendary Entertainer Continues to Shine - elanka

Derrick J, a legendary and highly respected entertainer, has been captivating audiences with his remarkable talent for over three and a half decades. Known to many as “The Golden Voice,” “King of Romance,” and “The Crooner,” he has left an indelible mark on the world of music.

Romance serves as the core essence of Derrick J’s music and his enduring success. Renowned for his selection of evergreen and eternal themes of love and longing Derrick J has mesmerized audiences of all ages with his warm and passionate performances. His meticulous rich and powerful vocal ability has consistently captivated listeners and cemented his status as a true artiste by gracing the stages of many prestigious 5-star hotels around the world, including renowned establishments such as Hilton, Oberoi, and Ramada to name a few. In November 2011, leveraging the power of YouTube with over 200 TV clips garnering an impressive half a million hits, Derrick J secured a contract to perform at the illustrious Las Vegas Hilton, which is any entertainer’s dream. Recently, he showcased his talents aboard the Oasis of the Seas cruise ship, one of the largest in the world, as part of the Royal Caribbean cruise line.

Making his musical debut in 1974 on a show called “New Faces” hosted by Bert Newton, televised nationally, Derrick J received the prestigious “Bert Newton’s Encouragement” award. This marked the beginning of his highly successful career as an entertainer in Australia. Over the next 15 years, he became a household name appearing regularly on various television shows nationwide and became a sought-after entertainer worldwide captivating audiences with his exceptional talent.

In addition to his musical achievements, Derrick J has showcased his multifaceted talents in the realm of acting. He has played numerous roles in popular shows such as “Neighbours”, “Kath & Kim”, “Newly Weds”, “We Can Be Heroes” and has featured in various commercials for prominent brands such as Heinz, and Aust Post. His skills have also extended to the big screen, with appearances in films like “Gross Misconduct” alongside Jimmy Smits. For many years Derrick J was the host of the award-winning “Sri Lanka Morning Show” on Channel 31.

Derrick J, our own King of Romance, A Legendary Entertainer Continues to Shine - elanka

Derrick J’s remarkable journey has been recognized and documented by Channel 7 in a show called “Times”. This documentary was produced delving into his success and popularity in Australia, showcasing his impact on the music industry. 

As a highly sought-after performer and recording producer, Derrick J’s schedule remains frantic. Whether it be his appearances at various corporate and private events and functions or imparting his knowledge and wisdom by providing guidance and support to young and emerging artists in their musical direction and promotion, he is very well respected in the music industry.

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Derrick J’s 8 eight albums, two of which achieved gold status, continues selling nationwide and can be purchased online

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