Expressing Moods via Music – By Rupashika Ranathunga.

Expressing Moods via Music – By Rupashika Ranathunga.


Shasthrapathi Sangeeth Nipun Rupashika RanathungaMusic is a medium that contains a mixture of musical notes, tune and tone. It is used to express the moods in the human mind. It so happens when the mind that is connected to tone and rhythm releases feelings. By listening to different types of music, different feelings occur. The mind that is stimulated because of the harmony of musical notes creates numerous feelings.

The voice is useful in creating these feelings in one’s mind. In fact, voice is a very powerful tool. For example, more than something that is being told in a softspoken manner, something mentioned in a strong voice will always be remembered better. Accordingly, when a song is sung, the strength of the singer’s voice matters a lot, and he/she should also have an emotional voice for the meaning of the song to reach the listener. When moods are expressed through music, the voice should be very strong. In order to have such strength, it is important to have the power of life in one’s body. This power of life can be developed by practicing Yoga. Therefore, most Indian musicians practice Yoga exercises in order to strengthen their voices by developing their power of life.

Music is used in expressing many moments and emotions such as happiness, sadness, devotion towards God, romantic love and the love between a mother and child. In fact, music is a combination of all feelings in the world, and it is considered the utmost medium of art because of its ability to completely work in connection to human feelings. A child, from the moment it is born, expresses emotions utilizing sound. For instance, infants, though they are unable to articulate verbally, they express emotions such as sadness, happiness, sleepiness and hunger through various sounds. Not only humans, but even other animals use sounds to show how they feel. Furthermore, ancient Indians have discovered through research conducted in relation to Raag therapy that every animal is affected by sound.

Actions that automatically take place within a human such as beating of the heart, breathing and flowing of the blood occur according to a rhythm, and it is because of this reason that the human body can be easily controlled using the rhythm of music. In the same manner, the human mind too can be controlled with the use of music. We have often seen hyperactive children being controlled by giving them medicine. However, this practice may have long term effects and can lead to the child having a weak mind. The mind and body both can be regularized by using rhythm. By doing so, it not only develops aesthetic appreciation in the child but also the mind and body will be controlled without any harmful effect. Music therapy has introduced various exercises that are helpful in this regard. A mentally challenged child may have difficulties in expressing emotions. At such instances, music is used to get rid of the child’s disturbing nature. Playing a musical instrument, singing aloud in tune to a music and clapping to a rhythm are some such exercises.

Expressing Moods via Music - By Rupashika Ranathunga.

In the past, villagers got rid of their loneliness by singing songs such as ‘Pel Kavi’, ‘Gal Kavi’ and ‘Paaru Kavi’. Such folk songs were sung at various instances such as when praising the beauty of a flower, expressing love, speeding up the reaping of the harvest and getting the paddy field ploughed by buffaloes. Even at funeral houses, songs of mourning were sung to share grief with fellow grievers. All these examples prove that the man, from his birth to death, having been using music to express his emotions.

Music waves, while stimulating the human mind, produce numerous moods. Music is essential to the life of a human. Tone and rhythm, which have a become an important component of the environment and culture of the man, are very helpful in maintaining the day-to-day life. The most sensitive medium of expressing moods is music. Music has the ability to change moods and tastes according to rhythms and combinations of musical notes. The one who is associated with music, while developing his/her ability of enjoyment, attracts the universal energy very fast. Music majorly contributes towards creating positive emotions in the human mind and also releasing those emotions to the world. 

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