“HELLO” – by Des Kelly

“HELLO” – By Des Kelly


This rather interesting story has just appeared on FB, concerning a girl named Margaret Hello, who was supposed to be the girlfriend of Graham Bell. What I wish to know, without being too skeptical, is WHY Graham said the first “hello”

into his new invention when he mentioned his sweetheart’s Surname, rather than just saying 

“Hi Margaret”, as he would have, if he had just invented this bloody nuisance of a thing, that will remain silent, as long as one sits next to it, and then rings it’s head off, the moment one goes into the toilet.

Graham Bell has a lot to answer for,

this is why he hasn’t gone to Heaven. Hoping that Marg.Hello says “Hi” to Graham, from time to time, no matter where she is. THIS 

will really be true love or loving, on a telephone, as the case may be.



Desmond Kelly. (Mr.Music)

(Editor-in-Chief).   e’Lanka.

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