Four of the lovliest “cuties of Country”, would be an apt description of my “story” for on-line readers and “members” of eLanka, now numbering over 20.000, who happily receive a regular “newsletter” via e’mail, every week. We, of eLanka strive to bring all you readers out there”something different”, in that there is far too much “doom & gloom”now effecting the “Public”via television that seems to get some sort of morbid pleasure in bringing us “Breaking News” that is all bad, sad, & downright-depressing, leaving “good news” to a bare minimum. 

     As the editor of eLanka, I feel that it is my duty to try and change this “scenario”, & so, with a vast experience in “good-music”, I do my very best in providing “only the best””music-clips” (Catholic, though they are), to “start off the day”, if you like, with the ONLY thing that speaks all languages, so, if MUSIC be the food of love, play on.

     As our readers will know, I have been “featuring”favourites of the top (male)”Country-Music” STARS, in people such as Merle Haggard, Ray Price, Hank Williams (Snr.), Marty Robbins & others. I do make the special effort of choosing the best “clip” to my way of thinking, and believe me readers, there have been many “editions”of these self-same “songs” recorded by these people, but, what about the “female-Stars’,?, you ask. 

Well, let us take “JESSI” for a start, and what a way to start?, beautiful, talented, PLUS 2 Song-Clips from a lady that ANY MAN would be proud to call “wife”. 

     “EMMY” or Emmylou Harris. Again, talented, beautiful to the extreme, instrumentalist, she also plays guitar as she sings & “enhances” any band she works with. Please listen to 2 Song-Clips from this lady as well (2 of the best songs).

     “RITA”, so many beautiful women named Rita, but this one is Rita Coolidge, singer, songwriter, could have possibly been a “model”, but chose Country Music instead. Once again, 2 Song-Clips from Rita, for your listening pleasure.

     “TAMMY” or Tammy Wynette, the wife (twice) of George Jones, female singer/songwriter of repute, beautiful as well, but the only one to have “passed-on”, at the time of this writing. R.I.P. Tammy. (2 Song-Clips (solo) from Tammy, too.

     There will, of course, be many more. “Music-Clips”, already featured on “You-tube”, but especially chosen by “your’s truly”for the listening pleasure of eLanka members, so why don’t YOU become a member?. It is as easy as googling eLanka, contacting Neil Jayasekera & he will do the rest. We, at eLanka do NOT infrnge on any copyright, with regards to our Song-Clips, as a matter of fact, there is absolutely no financial gain, while these “Stars” receive added publicity, publicity which they fully deserve.

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