KATE SPARKLES: By Joe Van Langenberg

KATE SPARKLES: By Joe Van Langenberg


Joe Van Langenberg

KATE SPARKLES: Congratulations to Australia’s accomplished nightingale Kate Miller-Heidke, for her electrifying performance at the preliminary semi-finals of Euro Vision 2019 Song Contest, held on May 14th 2019 in Tel Aviv.

Notwithstanding a politically-charged atmosphere, on account of ongoing animosity between age-old rivals Israel & Palestine; the proceedings went off as planned, with neither fuss, froth, nor any blips on the radar.

The Girl with the unique vocal range & timbre to match, has & continues being a linchpin of the music industry; enjoying a great deal of success, both Down Under & overseas. Adorned in a full length white dress, which accentuated her petite frame, as well as her dexterous agility, Kate belted out a powerful rendition of ‘Zero Gravity’, (flanked by two dancers); swaying gracefully, like a soft summer breeze on a tropical isle; while simultaneously maintaining her composure, as well as her balance.

The visual effects & choreography were simply out of this world, giving this quintessential Aussie lass a good chance of clinching Music’s Holy Grail; come May 19th 2019, or thereabouts.

This young lady has already breezed into the Grand Finals. And that in itself, is an achievement of no mean repute. Hitherto, the coveted title has not been won by any Australian artiste, despite Dami I’m in 2018, coming within a hair’s breath of triumph, with her original composition ‘The sounds of silence’.

The baton has now been passed over to Kate Miller-Heidke. According to opinion polls, Australia happens to be a firm favourite to win the enviable award, given that it has been placed third out of forty one. It’s gonna be quite a ride to the top, with the cream of the crop giving of their best, in a bid to realize their cherished dream. Kate does have the potential to make the impossible possible.

More importantly, she possesses the X-Factor!


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