Pride and Talent – Oscar E V Fernando

Pride and Talent – Oscar E V Fernando

Oscar Fernando

Talent! The special skill, aptitude or ability,
That can touch the conscience: may end in eventual vanity.
Vanity caused human race to fall from paradise.
Vanity it is that dulls man’s talent in so sudden a surprise.

The disciples asked-who among-st us is first?
With all wise leanings on love and charity, they had a thirst
To test their own human pride for want of humility.
But alas, God’s priority is to test one’s humble ability.

Fame finds its way to those with latent talent.
Talent is God given-fame is man given.
Be grateful to humankind for fame so gladly lent.
Behold! With ingratitude-mankind from Paradise was indeed driven.

Conceit! Self given was the first onslaught by the eager Ego.
Eating the apple, they earned that doomed downfall.
Ego it is that causes conceit to follow,
The talented to its sad end; and human race to its destined fall.

Oscar E V Fernando

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