Pride without Prejudice: An Inspiring Life by Beverley Pinder

 Pride without Prejudice: An Inspiring Life by Beverley Pinder

 Pride without Prejudice: An Inspiring Life by Beverley Pinder



Beverley Pinder OAM has been many things since she arrived in Australia back in 1968, as a shy 13-year-old immigrant from Ceylon.  Photographer’s model, beauty queen, head of her own successful public relations firm, fundraiser for charities, Councillor for the City of Melbourne. You can now add to that list: Author.

Beverley has reflected on her beginnings in Ceylon, her introduction to Australia, the challenges and setbacks she faced as she grew into a young woman, the opportunities she seized as she built her own business and brand, and the varied experiences that have made her life a rich and fulfilling one. These are all described in her autobiography, Pride Without Prejudice: An Inspiring Life, which will soon be available in all good bookstores through Wilkinson Publishing.

The title reflects Beverley’s passionate view that, while Australia’s history contains some regrettable instances of racism – in order to emigrate to Australia, her family had to satisfy the requirements of the ‘White Australia’ immigration laws – she does not believe that Australia is a racist nation, nor that the vast majority of Australians hold racist views.

The young Beverley Pinder wanted nothing more than to be accepted by Australia as ‘one of us’. She first felt this acceptance when she won the Miss Australia title in 1978. And it was made as official as it could possibly be, when she received a Medal of the Order of Australia, in the Australia Day Honors, announced in January 2023.

Beverley’s story includes some domestic turmoil as she was growing up, and the highs and lows of three marriages. Her story includes encounters with celebrities and Captains of Industry including Sir Richard Branson, Ita Buttrose, Solomon Lew, David Bardas, Robert Doyle and Derryn Hinch.

Always grateful for the opportunities that Australia had given her and her family to enjoy a more comfortable life, Beverley was always interested in charity work. Her passion for helping those who needed help has seen her work alongside such respected figures as Dame Phyllis Frost, Ian Gawler, Susan Barton and the late Father Bob Maguire. Father Bob became her spiritual advisor, and Beverley went onto become a patron of the Father Bob Maguire Foundation.

Beverley also describes the inspiration she drew from the words of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and also the actress and UNICEF ambassador, Audrey Hepburn.

In addition to donating her support to various charities, Beverley made a point of mentoring young women in her workplace -particularly those who were in Australia on student visas and some of them express their appreciation of her advice and example.

Beverley Pinder will speak and sign books at a series of book launches in Melbourne and Sydney, later this year.

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