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Tilak S FernandoUnlike Sri Lanka, Switzerland is an excellent and clean country with no muddy patches or heaps of rubbish dumps in various parts of the country. Residents usually do not come in cars like in Sri Lanka and dump their domestic rubbish in bags in multiple places. Switzerland has been named the best country in the world by It says, “One of the most beautiful nations on the planet dotted with lakes, valleys, and the Alps.” In Switzerland, outside the town area, the scenery will be a lot of mountains and rocks.

Mount Riggie could be seen from my son’s sitting room when clouds do not interfere with the mountain. Concerning some domestic garbage, electronic systems are installed for domestic waste bins. so no outsider is able abo to dump in other’s waste. Electronic systems are installed for domestic waste bins. So, no outsider could place their rubbish in different containers, and the main thing is that trash is weighed, and each household has to pay for their litter.

In front of my son’s block is a self-displayed shop called “Burgrain“, where no one can be seen. An automatic door can be opened with a combination of numbers. Small children always come to this shop with their parents’ credit cards to buy ice creams. In Switzerland, every child is disciplined from the nursery.

Generally, trains also run efficiently on electricity. Specially designed coaches and tanks are attached to the train for numerous products, such as cement and metal, for railway lines. Also, there are cylindrical containers of various firms linked to the train.

The pavements.

 Pedestrians at Zebra crossings need to stop according to the motor law. It is the standard practice, not only on roads but even in every car park motorists have to stop

The fundamental difference from Sri Lanka is that every motorist is disciplined, and every car stops until people cross the road or even in car parks. It is not restricted to main roads; motorists must stop cars wherever people cross. Disciplined motorists are a significant feature in Switzerland.

A vast change from arriving from Sri Lanka is that there are on motorways, there won’t be any overking of heavy goods vehicles

No change in lanes change is allowed to overtake. Pedestrians are marked to walk and are kept on “footprints.  There are many tunnels in Switzerland, and there are road markings to indicate before a tunnel which says “No overtaking”.

In Switzerland, all cars are newly built, such as Porche, BMW, and Volkswagen. Ford, a new version of Skoda, and three versions of Audi can be seen on roads. There are electric cars too.

The Swiss airport is one of the best in the world. International passengers must take a monorail to arrive before they arrive at the passport control. All over the airport, there are markings in German and English. Everywhere there is parking, which is charged hourly, but there is also free parking in certain areas in the middle of the town centre.

Supermarkets are called Malls. Switzerland has no food shortage; various kinds of cheese and food products are displayed in the malls. Toilets are indicated on appropriate floors. Toilets are spotlessly clean in washrooms.

Motoring in Switzerland, one has to be careful. The slightest mistake by a motorist can bring a police letter to the vehicle’s registered address with a huge fine. It is the cause of road traffic in Sri Lanka. Many deaths occur, people get injured, and fatalities and several wounded are injured and die at zebra crossings. The problem is that in Sri Lanka, motorists are fearless of police, unlike in Switzerland, because of the corrupt police officers who could be convinced with Rs.500.00. If one attempts to bribe the police in Switzerland, motorists will end up in jail!

 More than One Vehicle

It is the same with one who owns more than a single car. The Department of Transport (equivalent to the same) allows folks to use a single number plate for multiple vehicles they own, which can be switched from car to car when they travel on the road. However, the number plate can only be used on one car.

All vehicles will be insured according to their value. Usually, for instance, cars are registered under the Canton in which one lives (e.g., one who lives in Zug carries a number plate with ZG, whereas someone who lives in Luzern registers a vehicle number plate beginning with LU Also, on Insurance, age and experience are taken into account like everywhere else, but here, it also depends on the ethnicity. It means some nationalities have to pay more! Unlike in Sri Lanka, the car’s age cannot be assessed from a number plate.

My daughter was with me from Devon in the UK and spent two weeks with me, and she has left for London on her way to Devon. To live in Switzerland is too expensive. Although there are what one requires, Sri Lankan rupees can be a problem. To live in Switzerland is too expensive unless one earns there. Although there are what one needs, Sri Lankan rupees can be very expensive. For instance, a haircut without a tip is about 40 francs, and a sandwich costs 2-3 franks.


Switzerland is famous for chocolates. There is a chocolate factory called Laedrah. There, one could decorate as one wishes chocolates in any form. My son decorated it for a little girl’s birthday, which was beautiful, and it came through a machine in the factory. It has a restaurant too.

 chocolates are very expensive, and assorted chocolates are one could buy a kilo of chocolates in square pieces for cheap.

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