Sanali Lihansa Silva a Singing Sensation in the Making – By Sunil Thenabadu

Sanali Lihansa Silva a Singing Sensation in the Making – By Sunil Thenabadu

Sanali Lihansa Silva the twenty two year old singing sensation from Kiribathgoda had proved her singing prowess in the Derana Dream Star reality gruelling singing contest is being currently held for the 11th season. This reality singing contest is clearly the most sought among the other similar contests. Over the years many contestants had found proper routes to become popular singing artistes having had the roots  and groomed from the previous Derana Dream Star  contests. Some vocalists had been selected to portray roles in many tele dramas in the TV Derana popular channel.

In every season many new budding artistes have been able to become overnight stars via performing in this contest. One contestant who has won the hearts of the panel of adjudicators and listeners this season has been Sanali Lihansa Silva. Among over one hundred thousand applicants initially after auditioned by knowledgeable musicians in Sri Lanka initially after repeated auditions seventy-two were selected for the Derana Dream Star season 11 contest proper when weekly in live recordings each had to be sung in front of the panel of competent adjudicators including Keethi Pasquel, Samitha Mudunkotuwa, Ashanthi De Alwis, Indra Chapa Liyanage and Nadeeka Guruge who are all maestros in the field and the audience.

Now the season is at a climax with the final twelve have been identified all talented but of different unique styles with an equal number of males and female contestants vying for the coveted Dream Star season 11 trophy and a prize money of a luxury apartment valued at over rupees one hundred and fifty thousand which is a massive price.

Sanali Lihansa Silva is an old girl of Viharamaha Devi Vidyalaya in Kiribathgoda .She loves music but had not learnt in school but followed music only after participating in the current Derana Dream Star content .However her interest had been swimming which she had opted as a sport in her school . Presently she is attached to the SLIT Campus reading a degree in Diploma in Marketing as her intention is to commence a business emulating her father who owns a business. Her mother is attached to a reputed company while her only sibling is a younger brother who is also an undergraduate in a university. It is learnt that Sanali had acquired musical instincts via hereditary affiliations from her father’s family, as all could sing well, having some musical instruments at home.

Sanali is one of the most popular female contestants always selecting fast numbers as her singing genre in the 6/8 ‘Time’ having sung many songs of legendary MS Fernando,Paul Fernando, Priya Sooriyasena, also an English number. All audiences await her arrival to stage as she sings possessing a strong tone, equivalent dance and dressed always in a uncommon attire which she herself had designed by which she is attracted to all. She always had received impressive comments by the panel of adjudicators, very often was said to be imitating or in par with the presenter Falen Andrea winner of Derana Dream Star Season 09. The panel judges have acknowledged she has a very strong voice, the manner she sings is what many audiences like to hear.Many times it was added, Sanali is now a ‘Brand’ by the manner she dresses, she sings on stage, selects her songs, her presence on stage. It appeared that she was winning the hearts of many each week after her thrilling performances, hence receiving more and more SMS’s each week, having polled over 98,000 SMS’s votes the last time she sang from her fans in Sri Lanka and via the DFlix App from overseas fans. After her eliminations many viewers of the Derana Dream Star contest have said they have lost interest in this popular program .Her ambition is to become an artiste for which she has already laid a substantial foundation. She has already sung a few popular cover songs which are keenly viewed and heard via the U tube by lakhs of people.The latest are ,”  Manali Hitha Nubatama Arlayi”, “Pituwa Peraluwata Seetha Potha Dannawa Rama” In the meantime Sanali is making groundworks to do her own music video. All her followers will wish her to achieve her ambition.


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