Love him or loathe him, we have to admire the solid persistence of the man. I watched President Trump in the most recent “live” event taking place in America as regards their total border security, including perhaps a “pure steel wall””completely separating America from Mexico, to STOP unlawful entry through wide and varied “gaps” in the system, at the moment. He has asked Congress to grant him 5.2 Billion dollars with which to build this “wall”, in either steel or concrete, preferring a steel product which, in turn, will enhance the American Steel Industry, itself. If this be the case, we can forget about a concrete wall.

     The money wasn’t forthcoming via the Congress or the Democrats (his main opponents), in spite of many meetings called specifically for this purpose, and so, President Trump
has “shut-down” the Government of America for an unspecified period (until he gets what he wants. He IS the elected President, after all). In this latest “live” event, he spoke, at length, explaining his reasons for his request for this huge sum of money. He spoke concisely, clearly indicating that he was not going to budge from the decisions he has made, and I have to admit that his reasons for the erection of this wall seemed to be plain sensible,

“commonsense” to me. Call it anyway you like, America was down in the doldrums (before Trump), but is very much better, overall, since Donald took over. However, this subject of border security was uppermost in his rhetoric before he became President, so he now feels that he MUST do something about it.

     South of the border, or anywhere else, for that matter, this refugee problem is indeed one of the biggest headaches for many Countries around the World, at the moment. NO Country wants to let undesirables in, and the unhappy fact is that although we feel compassion for people wanting to leave their homeland to settle in another Country, for one reason or another, quite a few of them are now deemed to be terrorists or trouble-makers who want to “come-in” simply to cause chaos in their new home. This is what Donald Trump does not want for America, and who could blame him ?. Mexicans, themselves, have nothing to do with it, however, it is through the “gaps” in the Mexican border, that thousands of other “no-hopers” want to infiltrate into the U,S.of A., to create trouble in this Country that is just beginning to raise it’s head after the Trump Administration came into the White House to try and make America great, again. 
     Thus far, this President has also made a few “bo-boos”.
He has tried to convince the “Rocket-man” of N.Korea to stop shooting his rockets all over the place, to no avail.
All he has done thru “sanctions”, is to give this pyrotechnics-
lover a little more time to enhance his storage facilities and challenge other Countries around him to a “fireworks-fight”.
Because of his “Superman-stubbornness” as the elected leader of America, Donald Trump has also “lost” some of his key aides, people who could have helped him achieve his aims. The “team-effort” of the Trump Administration is no more, and everyone around the World knows this.
     As I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again. Like him or loathe him, you cannot ignore him. Donald Trump will not change his mind about this steel wall & Congress and Democrats  (plus some Republicans as well), will have to authorise the five and a half Billion Dollars to build this wall. In the meantime, the thousands of folk who are “on leave” at home minus their regular pay packets, will have to battle on, until “The Don” gets his money. Then he will restart his Government again and repay the salaries of those who had to temporarily go without.
     “South of the border, down Mexico-way”, you’ve heard one great song, here’s another, today.

Desmond Kelly

Desmond Kelly.
  (Editor-in-Chief)- eLanka.

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