Stories Behind Names of Places in Sri Lanka – KOLAMEDIRIYA – By Dr Nimal Sedara

Stories Behind Names of Places in Sri Lanka – KOLAMEDIRIYA – By Dr Nimal Sedara

Source : Qld Sri Lankan Newsletter – Dæhæna – April 2024

“Kolamederiya” is in the Bandaragama division in the Kalutara District in the Western Province of Sri Lanka. Today, it has developed into a modern place of living with the economic and social development of the country.


Korale Mahatthaya

How this place got this name is a simple story. There may be other stories too behind the name. This story on the name behind the village is about a kind village leader that lived here. “Korale” was a leader who supervised a small number of village leaders namely, the “Arachchi Mahatthayas”, the village headmen. He was so popular as he was a kind person who looked after the wellbeing of the villagers.

Unfortunately, the Korale fell sick and became a feeble and skinny man. All the treatment done by the native doctors were of no use. So, they searched for better treatment from famous native doctors outside the village. Finaly, they spotted a person whom they thought was the real person capable of restoring the health of the Korale.

The people received him very warmly and after studying the situation, the native doctor suggested that the sick person be moved out of the house to a special shed constructed according to his instructions. He said the new construction where the sick person to be moved should be decorated with medical herbs that he suggests. The villagers agreed to the proposal.

So, within a day or two, the requirement was fulfilled and the Korale was moved to this construction with his bed. This new construction looked so beautiful with the green herbs hung around it. The Sinhala word for leaves is “Kola” and the room is called “mediriya”. The villagers called the new construction “KOLAMEDIRIYA” and the name continues to date.


Dr. Nimal SederaDr Nimal Sedara
Dr. Nimal Sedera is a journalist, poet, motivational speaker and an author of over 70 books.




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