“STORIES IN SONG” SERIES 2019 – “ONE & ONE & ONE” By Des Kelly

“STORIES IN SONG” SERIES 2019 – “ONE & ONE & ONE” By Des Kelly

A beautiful title, to a beautiful song, sung to perfection by someone who, once you start listening to, you just”hang-on”

until the very end, because Gene Watson always says it, or sings it, as it is. This is why GOOD Country music, putting it mildly, will NEVER go away. This is why, as I’ve always said,

Music is ALWAYS a story, or “Stories in Song”, no matter whether as an Instrumental, or a vocalised version. 

Great Composers such as Strauss or Haydn (my personal favourites), brought instrumental “works” into our World, which did not need any lyrics to enhance them. Everyone with a ” musical ear” simply had to listen to the music, take in the glorious chord-work of these great compositions, to drift away, into a World of ther own, just take Johann Strauss’s Blue Danube Waltz, as an example. Listen carefully and you are transported to Cities such as Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest & Belgrade, through which the mighty Danube flows. Sail along, and you will almost “feel” the Danube around you, bringing you a peace that only music can bring.

Getting back to Country music & “Stars” such as Gene Watson. There is an English phrase that tells us, “Two’s company, three’s a crowd”. A wonderful phrase, rephrased simply as “One & One & One” (“Country-Style”), which, incidentally, is the title of one of my own Compositions.

Still, it goes to show us the meaning of life, as it really is.

Just look at these lyrics, folks. Only Country music tells us,

“An empty bottle, a broken heart & you’re still on my mind”.

Telling the story as it really is. 

Gene Watson’s songs in this particular story, have been actual “incidents” in my own life, quite possibly, in your’s too. The songs, the beautiful “backing” the “feel” and the  “Watson-Voice” tell us about falling in & out of love, the silly things that we guys do to “keep” the love of our lives, only to find out later, that love is even more wonderful, the 2nd time around. “She found the key that you threw away”. I have been watching what is termed “Modern-Country” recently, but, to be honest, folks, I don’t think that these lyricists have a hope of writing the beautiful lyrics of yester-year. 

Please listen to Gene Watson sing, & you won’t be sorry.

Desmond Kelly

Desmond Kelly.
(Editor-in-Chief).– eLanka.

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