“THE SPACE RACE” by Des Kelly

Not very long after President Trump had declared that Australia would be excused from any tariffs on both steel &

“aloominum” (as pronounced in the States), I find that up to

200.000 pensioners will be targeted, by the Labour Government, (if it comes into power after the next election), to “dip into their pockets”, & fork out money they haven’t got!. Bill, with Australia rapidly becoming an “ageing” population, right now, YOU have Buckley & Nunn’s chance of Governing, when you make statements like that. Buckley had only a little “Hope”, Nunns have only a few “Good Habits” & most Pensioners have absolutely no “Cash” to hand over.

Bob Hope will, hopefully,  be happy, (bless his Soul),The “Flying Nunns”, will be “flying low”& Johnny Cash will be most ecstatic about it all (May he rest in peace).

He (President Trump) has still not decided on the date, time & venue of his “meeting” with the little Rocket Man,  has obviously had a bit of an argument with his “Secretary of State, probably about that very matter, and, sadly, Rex Tillerson has been “dumped by Trump”. The F.B.I. is now aware that there are only about 20 “Staff”in the top echelon of the White House, but now the C.I.A. is represented, with Mike Pompeo taking over as the new  Secretary of State, U.S.A. We wish you well, Mike.

What has all this got to do with “the space race” Des.?,

Well, make certain that your parachute cord will work properly, first, & I’ll tell you.  EVERYBODY who  is ANYBODY is “firing rockets” all over the place. The “Rocket-man” of North Korea, started the latest craze, now “P.P.” President Putin has “put-in” his claim, “P.P.P.” Permanent President Ping, has a few that no-one knows anything about, BUT, to come out “trumps”, like he usually does, President Trump now wants to form a “SPACE-FORCE”. What is a bloody  Space Force ?, you ask me. I am 82 years of age, come July, 2018. This is still four months & two days off (2/7/2018).

I hope I make it, because everyone around me is “killing me off”, for example, a very good friend from Canada, Dyland Modder & his wife Christine, who always pay me a “welcome visit” whenever they set foot in Australia, came in to see me the day before yesterday. We had a good chat, reliving some memories of “the good old days”, and they left, hoping to see me again, next year. That did not come to pass, because Dyland “rang” me a few minutes ago, telling me that they were “at lunch” with a few “Burgher-Buggers”, possibly, when their “hosts” started playing some music of old Ceylonese favourites like Bill Forbes & Cliff Foenander.

Dyland then asked them to play some of “my music”, and was told that they left out “Dream-World”, as a mark of respect because they heard that this poor bugger Desmond Kelly had died, just recently. “Cannot be”, said Dyland, “I only saw him “the-day-before-yesterday”. Christine just sat there, looking shocked.She could not believe that she, Christine Modder was the last one to take a photograph of her husband, Dyland,(top-Peterite,a handsome”kukula” & very wealthy as well), with absolutely, the most famous Singer,

Songwriter, Composer, Ukelele-player, Guitarist, Key-boardist

Bongo & Tabla- percussionist, Poet, International Journalist,

Author, Editor & “Editor-in-Chief” of what you are reading right now, but so poor, that his buddy Denis Roberts once told him, “Desmond, if we had a bit of ham, we could have a ham-sandwich, IF we had the bread”.

One of my “strong points is “Tact”. I just HATE to brag about anything, However, because I am also a famous “Writer” I can write down all this rubbish. Thank you for putting up with it .Go on, go on, folks, make a bloody “comment” & see if I care.!!

Now, before I digress any further, let me come back to President Trump’s “Space-Force”. In Ceylon, I was in the “Senior-Force”(Royal Ceylon Navy), the Army was a Force to be reckoned-with, but was still 2nd in line. Then, there was the Royal Ceylon Air-Force, the “Gentlemen” of the “Forces” who had little else to do, but look pretty in their uniforms, simply because they did not have a “special areoplane”, where we, in the Navy had a MINESWEEPER, for crying out loud.!, a former British Minesweeper, the ” Flying-Fish” that was mineswept over to the Ceylon Navy after World War 2.

SHE could take any Sea, tossed and turned, made everyone sea-sick, but still floated like a cork, all the way from Ceylon to England, for “spare parts”. How could I ever forget H.M.Cy.s. VIjaya, (but that is another story).

As we all know, there are many “structures”, in place, in Space, a “Space-Station” has been floating around there for quite a while, now. Besides “Rocket-Man”, other rockets have been up to the moon & back. No problem. President Trump will be able to “thump” a few more structures in place, in Space, BUT, a Space-Force ?, I hope that I live to see the day when an Army of Marines march, as they do, in outer space. What is going to keep them all up there ?.

Anyway, President Trump, may the “Forces” be with you.

Just before I go away, into “space”  or anywhere, let me remind all the sensible people who are members, and those who read eLanka, on-line, that I am still very much alive, my telephone number at home is 03-8-759-1932, please also listen to a beautiful song by an Irishman, Daniel O’Donnell, specially chosen by me, as a reminder to you. The song ?

“Even if it’s only for a minute”(would you call & say “hello” ?

The “space” song for President Trump, above, of course,

The “telephone” song for “yours truly, below. Enjoy them.




Desmond Kelly.

Star of eLanka.



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