60th Wedding Anniversary Celebration, organized by the SLA(NSW)
for Dr Harold and Irangani

At the monthly gathering of the Seniors Open Day at Warne St. Leisure Centre, Pennant Hills, Sydney, on the 1st May, a surprise party was organized by the committee, to celebrate and share the 60th Wedding Anniversary of Dr Harold and Irangani.
It was a sudden eruption, and a surprise: a massive cake was brought with blessings for the couple written in icing, drinks started pouring in, speeches by Walter, Dr. Gnani and Kithsiri, the cameras went flashing taking picture of groups, and it was a momentous event.

Walter the chief ‘Go-getter’ said in his brief talk, “It was the pleasure and respect of the Seniors of SLANSW to Honour them as they always being very supportive to being with us in our monthly SENIORS OPEN DAY. Also, our present President, Mr, Sam Masachchi(SLANSW) who is overseas for good reasons, supported and sent his Good wishes & Blessings to Dr, Harold and Irangani, to wish them “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY” and this wonderful Day filled with enjoyment”.

Gnani (Vice President) in her talk said, “As the newly appointed committee members of the SLANSW the committee has done us proud by working so diligently to make the open day and other events we support. With the help and assistance of the Seniors, the events have been outstanding successes with VIPs and others attending our events and spreading the message”.

She further thanked Irangani and Harold for supporting and joining in the SLANSW senior’s activities. She said, “We love to have you both around and wish you both good health and happiness and many more years of enjoyment. Your short talk about the need to socialise more was greatly encouraging to our seniors present. May socialising go from strength to strength.
Kithsiri said briefly that Dr Harold has been serving the community for a long time. He was the president of the SLA for two sessions and was the editor of the association newsletter,” Thorathuru” for ten consecutive years.

Dr Harold Gunatillake thanking the organisers, and the Seniors present, said,” This gesture is much appreciated with gratitude, respect and admiration. I am 89 years old and Irangani is 18+. Jemma Moroni an Italian lady lived up to 116 years and her doctor could not stop her eating three eggs for breakfast very morning. The, there was Emma Calment a French lady, also died at 116 and when she was asked what her secret for longevity, she said,” Bacon and Eggs for breakfast every morning”. So, there you go, just eat many eggs with no guilt (the members showed gladness).

He further said that our secret is drinking our daily water with a few drops of apple cider vinegar for years and as probiotic eating two tablespoons of low fat, unsweetened Greek style Yogurt.
Most of all, what is important for longevity is Social interaction- just the way we are doing here. Such interactions will keep us joyful longer life. Thank you all, once again.

The Consul General Lal Wickrematunge sent his regrets expressing inability to attend due to other commitments.

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