The mental sickness pandemic!-BY MANDIRA WIJERATHNA

The mental sickness pandemic!-BY MANDIRA WIJERATHNA

Concern about mental health issues is rising during this Coronavirus pandemic. Mental health is not a trivial topic to be cast aside because it is fundamental to every situation in society. The Covid-19 pandemic is engulfing the human race on the one hand and the mental sickness pandemic, on the other. Pandemics leave civilisations devastated with economic crises. Loss of business and loss of lives have become daily catastrophes. The time has come to act and be the best versions of ourselves. Maybe, your mind has already been engulfed by the mental sickness pandemic. But unlike Covid-19, we have the power and ability within ourselves to increase the immunity against it. Therefore, it is worth taking one step at a time to figure out what is happening inside our minds and how to assemble the jumbled puzzle.

Human compulsiveness is the carrier of Covid-19. Unfortunately, the reluctance to wear masks, safety gear, and follow precautions has led a whole world to the brink of death. Challenging times like this have revealed the level of intelligence in human beings. Let’s flashback several decades and ponder about how world wars, famines, and other natural calamities took away human lives.

Despite the technological transformation in terms of medical facilities, we have failed by not following the simple health precautions. The economy is still on its never-ending run. Over the centuries, people were only worried about rising above all other nations without giving importance to growth in terms of intellectual and spiritual factors.

It has positioned human beings in a place where we discuss the economy even during a life-death matter like a pandemic. The time has come to question the development we have achieved up to the present. Yet, the economy will still be the main concern in times like this.

It is essential to dig deep to check why it has become a matter of importance. During unexpected times, the industries which are the lifelines of the economy collapse. As a result, the dark shadow of hunger engulfs the world slowly.

However, the fact that the basis of survival is agriculture has been forgotten long ago by the so-called developed nations. Agriculture is the essence of survival.

Cultivation is the only alternative to save us from the main struggle we face every single day, which is hunger. Even cultivating a small crop within the space you have could save you from starvation.

There is plenty of food on Earth, and there are plenty of areas to grow them if we have the desire to do so. In the cycle of survival, nature only allows the stronger one to exist while the weak one becomes extinct. We have to make use of the second chance to live or else the pandemic itself will erase us from this planet.

Therefore, let’s not be the lazy ones to complain and wait till the situation turns right for us. Be a challenge to the challenging times to enhance the level of intelligence, capacity, and energy we have enjoyed so far as human beings.

What is the reason behind the mental ailment pandemic?

People live peacefully until the day a great disaster breaks the walls of their comfort zones. In-depth comfort zones are the death zones that make you live as dead.

Their unconscious existence within their dimensions has put them in trouble. As a result, they find it shocking and unbearable during unexpected situations, and, for them, those situations are total disasters.

Every moment we live, the earth prepares us for life and the goal is to strive for it. Therefore, we cannot question why things are happening around us. When the outside forces are not within our capability to control, we should only focus on our energies which have the power to take control of the situation. The difficult times do not give any negativity until you perceive it negatively. They are the situations that check your willingness to strive for survival.

Grief due to unexpected loss of lives

Covid-19 has taken the lives of millions of people across the globe. The saddest part is not being able to conduct the final rites of the funeral, and bid farewell to the loved ones due to quarantine rules.

These are inevitable circumstances that occur amid the Covid-19 pandemic. There is no other option unless we make up our minds to be strong to face the situation even though it is hard.

How to recover from mental ailment during pandemic

Apart from all others, the stay-at-home is the next struggle many have encountered. Naturally, our physical body has been made to move around.

But in the current situation we have no alternative but stay home for our safety.

There are multiple tasks to keep you engaged to maintain the mental well-being. Never let wandering thoughts control you as it would lead to mental sickness.

Right now the Covid-19 pandemic is severely impacting lives the world over; why do we need a mental ailment pandemic on top of it?

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