by Desmond Kelly “the Star of eLanka”

Ned Kelly was the “outlaw” equivalent of the Sri Lankan “Saradiel”. Whether or not anyone in Lanka has written a song about their “outlaw-hero” who, just like the mythical Robin Hood of England, was supposed to have robbed the rich to give to the poor, is not known, but the “true-story” of Ned Kelly, Australian outlaw is a sometimes sad, but interesting one, nonetheless. My readers of eLanka might have the chance of reading my story on this larger than life character next year(2017), in the meantime, this is the song I wrote about who might well have been a distant relative of mine. Here are the lyrics of my original composition.
The “music” is available for “recording”, if need be.


Come, listen to my story ’bout a man called Ned
Whose other name was Kelly, he is now long dead
To some, he was an outlaw who had feared no-one
Hia “best friends” were his armour & his trusty gun
When Winter winds were blowin, the People of Glen-Rowan, sang the Ned Kelly Blues.
Oh, Ned Kelly, Australia’s Robin-Hood
To some, he was a “bad-man”,
But to others, he was good
Poor Ned Kelly, a Man of mystery
Will go down forever, in Aussie history.

There are many tales about him
Some are false, some, true
They say he was an “outlaw” & cold-blooded, too
But, many facts about him, are to date, unknown
They now lie buried with him
‘neath a cold tomb-stone
As Winter winds grow colder,
Many People who are older
Sing the Ned Kelly Blues

CHORUS :- Oh, Ned Kelly, Australia’s Robin Hood, etc

Lyrics & Music by Desmond Kelly

P.S. I can only “claim” relationship with Ned because
BOTH of our families (the Kelly’s) originated from Dublin, Ireland. “Such is life”! D.K.

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