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In our lives many startling incidents do occur. The famous singing duo Athula and Samitha too had undergone such astounding phenomena After a successful singing and life having two grown up daughter and a son a third party Amaya had peeped into their lives.- Amaya had come to fame initially from been crowned in a pageant in year 2006 then became a model after which called for music videos  The marriage of Athula Samitha had already ended in a divorce when the duo became acquainted. Many had criticized that it was Amaya who was responsible for this rupture, but not so Amaya had added many times There had been many FB posts blaming Amaya for this rupture, such as ‘not ashamed’ Amaya has a heap of male friends not even a single female friend could be proved when viewed  her FB page.Amaya believes the girls are not honest. They even try to get friendly with the husbands of friends. Girls are simply unpredictable according to Amaya. Amaya had confessed that the name Adhikari  had made her to shine to this intensity.  She loves tattoos which is a fashion and an art contrasted to a rusty person .Many show concerns saying not suitable for girls She says cannot have tattoos after sixty when the skin shrinks. Amaya loves to dance, at a party from the beginning to end she has been seen dancing. She likes fashion still loves the denim, T shirt when going out with rubber slippers. She believes in what suits her not adhere to the advise of  others like the saying my car and my petrol.  She is one who had received many brickbats ,the amount if collected she believes would be able to build a house or a high rise building . She never sport necklaces and earrings only when needed for a function. One tattoo corresponds to Athula’s name and the daughter’s name which she never thinks of obliterating. Amaya’s tattoos are not sketched for outsiders to see but for her own satisfaction. Amaya once attached to Hiru TV, Hiru Fm and Hiru Gossip by which has contributed immensely to her voyage.

Amaya had learnt dancing, incidentally she had also taught at an international school the subject of dancing earlier on. Athula having known Amaya’s proficiency in dancing had deployed Amaya’s skills to add to the video of a song of his in a dance sequence in year 2005.Thereafter Amaya had been constantly performing dances for many videos of Athula. Amaya had known Athula’s unique qualities which were understood by Amaya very well also as a gentleman possessing eminence discipline unassuming, down to earth one who needs to be emulated by all folks as a honourable human being who does not like to be dictated. He expects freedom to the tilt, when not into music watches films from home as a film addict. Knowing Athula  well the friendship turned out to be a serious love affair. The two had lived together until the duo tied the nuptial knot on paper only sans a wedding ceremony in year 2010, Athula been twenty-one years elder to Amaya which did not matter at all to the duo. She had added in television dialog  that Athula possesses an  amiable personality so hard to locate. Amaya had added that for marriage age is not a barrier. There had been objections from her parents but ultimately they had consented. Athula as a family man has failed but he has unique other qualities not possessed by others. Athula’s minor  weaknesses though Amaya had known had not endeavoured to correct them as they were his innate qualities like the wedding, anniversaries too were never celebrated. Amaya is a person who could  not be hurt, to her that is which enables her to stride forward with so many brick bats


After the marriage was registered the duo had lived in isolation sans facing the media.Amaya had confessed to the media that she loved the name Adhikari wanted her to be called Amaya Adhikari.Even during the period of the love affair Amaya had told Athula she likes a child  from him. After the birth of the first child a daughter Glorianna Shenania  named by Athula’s son Shane,It need to emphasised the Amaya and Athula were very attached to Samitha, Kavindya and Shane very closely. In a recent television dialog Amaya did say about the extraordinary qualities of Kavindya. Amaya did say that when Kavindya visits them the whole house lightens up  which is cherished. Amaya complemented Kavindya’s astonishing attributes and the bond which is hard to portray. Amaya too never misses the birthday’s of the trio even if Athula is busy and forgets Amaya shoulders this responsibility always. There have been instances when Athula accompanies Samitha for overseas concerts which had never been objected by her Amaya too refrained from travelling as she cannot let the daughter stay alone.


Athula is a musician who is a sought-after person hence his priority is music hence he has opted to give music the first place. As travelling from their dwelling outside to Colombo consumes time, which time Athula could utilize for his music profession. This was why Athula had opted to live in Colombo There had been a gossip that Athula had left Amaya. The little daughter is looked after my Amaya’s mother who is used to the task well. To Amaya though the dwelling was away from the city she manages to attend to her work as her mother looks after the home front. These gossips cannot be stopped which are common to popular celebrities which only makes those concerned more popular. Those who make gossips are those who have no important work do for their  self-satisfaction.
amaya adhikari
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Amaya is a very active individual who usually from the time she gets up has stated that she hardly sits attending to her daily routine work  She arranges the room first then washes the  two boys prepares the breakfast which is a nourishing meal  To her two boys she mixes red rice, carrot, a piece of cheese, potatoes, broccoli, pumpkin, egg etc boiled with a bit of salt and blended which Amaya feeds the kids for breakfast and dinner. She usually goes to the market to buy vegetables  fresh. When feeding she gets the boys Nirvan and Kiki to be occupied with some activity like a drawing, sketching or music. As this blended stuff is nourishing but  she takes time  to feed them hence she makes a resolute endeavour to see they eat at times when she cannot feed she tries once more…

Amaya had been postponing the subject of the divorce as she referred to Athula’s wife as long as possible. In the meantime another close friend Harsha Danosh Fernando had been around behind Amaya. Athula had consented to the association of Harsha with Amaya  Athula visits at intervals to see his daughter. Harsha and Athula are also trusted friends,Harsha loves the daughter of Amaya and Athula to tall heights. Amaya was called upon to portray roles in many teledramas like ‘Salsapuna’, ‘Ahas Maliga’ ,“Thawa Durai’ etc The producer of “Thawa Durai’ Janaka Sampath calls her for his teledramas but has had a break after  the second child was born.Amaya had requested him to select her for a mother’s role when available. But she will not consent to mega tele dramas as even now when she goes out she anxiously awaut to come home to see her daughter. There are many girls who are after Harsha , the same is with boys who are behind Amaya According to Amaya Harsha too possessed unique qualities but as he was of Kandyan lineage origin hence had some uppish attitudes prevailed which were disliked by Amaya. What Amaya wanted from Harsha was love  but nothing else not sex at all. Harsha is a person who cannot remember the birthdays, anniversaries etc which was another conspicuous weak point of his . The father of the two sons is Harsha. Amaya has done a lot to Harsha like getting an air conditioner, a large television set, T shirts, clothes entirely from her funds.What Harsha earns  by signing  is his money. Amaya had tied the nuptial knot with Harsha on 14th February 2014  after much deliberation by divorcing Athula  Not until year 2019  After five years of relationship after marriage with Harsha and she had got her first son. Amaya had claimed that motherhood is the greatest situation for a woman To Harsha this was amazing news as for him it was his first child. Amaya says there are many who look at her by the squint eye which is normal by the people who have no work to do, Amaya adds she is the male of the house doing all works as a robust person  what the husband should do which was the same story during Athula’s time though he had financially helped on his own accord. To Amaya her main priority is the children Amaya had vouched for the fact that when Athula becomes feeble she will take complete care of him until his demise. Amaya claims her to be a perfect mother. To her children Amaya says she is a queen. Amaya adds if anyone is unhappy best thing is to separate by divorcing irrespective of any disgrace from the society

It had been Amaya who had built the dwelling bought vehicles out of her earnings in modelling offering her dancing pursuits with her talent also via as an actress. But the main source of income she derives from her ownership of M/s Fairness Group Pvt Ltd which she had registered long ago having a staff and an office where she is the main person when it comes to interview clients. She maintains her golden complexion as her trump card to impress prospective clients. All wish to become fairer which is the aim of many young female folk today. She was only the second in Sri Lanka to convene this business enterprise although there are so many currently.  
Amaya worships those so called prostitutes as they are compelled to take up this profession purely to feed the children,She had confessed that she too may follow suit if she cannot earn an income to feed her children.Amaya loves the children to tall elevations and had stated to give them a comfortable life is her priority. She is a person who dislikes sex which to her is not her forte She had mentioned to have sex one do not need a husband as she could go out to meet the ideal person she likes to fulfil her desire or else could get herself charged sans much of a hassle. To her having a permanent husband is a liability maintaining him.Amaya is bold she sans any fear disclose her interior at her you tube interviews. At many such you tube dialogues Amaya had come out with bold facts usually not disclosed by many.

Amaya has added in another television dialog that if there any person who has been subjected to criticism and been made popular it is exclusively herself. She believes there is no such culture in our country at present .She says when she goes to her daughter’s school she covers her tattoos which is a passion and an art. but she has to visit the school as she pays for the child’s schooling . This she had answered to a critic .She prefers to wear a ‘Burka’ as it covers the entire body but it is not practical. Amaya says she has never taken money from any person ,has never done anything to anyone by taking money but she goes elevated owing to the gossips made on her. This is ideal for her popularity for which Amaya owns a gratitude. By them She never falls but gets elevated to tall levels. Amaya talks straight not scared of anyone. Amaya adds when visiting a temple one should sport a decent white dress not a denim. Amaya advises all to get involved with one’s profession and not to waste time on what others do. She is Christian by birth believes in other religions as such she displays the statues of Jesus Christ ,Lord Buddha and  God Shiva prominently at her dwelling , lights up a lamp too with great faith.In another television dialog she added that after each child birth she regains her normal figure instead of getting blotted, her figure remaining same attributes as a God’s gift. Her first child was born after a caesarean operation which she prefers as the little baby is born without piercing the uterus of the mother. In a normal delivery the baby has to come breaking obstacles like the umbilical cord which is considered both the physical and emotional attachment between the mother and the foetus.

Amaya has been invited to many chat programs in all television channels in Sri Lanka where she had spoken openly with her views and sung many songs very impressively having sung many songs which are not sung by many artistes .
In the context of the above Amaya Adhikari Fernando is an exclusive personality of a rare breed with ideas not usually whispered by many women. She is bold not scared of anyone a about those who create gossip on her which helps her to rise up the ladder of stardom  which keeps mounting always.
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