A Mother’s Daily “Never-Ending” Task – by Noor Rahim

A Mother’s Daily “Never-Ending” Task – by Noor Rahim     


A Mother’s Daily “Never-Ending” Task - by Noor Rahim     


While the school going children & wage earners go out to do their tasks

Returning home after a day of stress and hard work

Longing to pour out their woes into someone’s patient ears

There’s none better than one’s Mother’s comfort that one seeks


One’s day starts off with a breakfast that is already on the counter

Back home in the evening, to the awaiting cup of tea and dinner

But then, that generally is an eight hour stretch of study/work anyway

With the weekend and holidays to relax & recuperate in whatever way


But do pause a moment and give thought to a Mother

Who wakes much earlier to commence her daily chores, without a murmur

Before you can open your eyes and go out on your working venture

The Mother who has you in her thoughts and blesses you in everyway


Yes! Those are the affectionate feelings and wanting of every Mother

One who starts the day well before you open your eyes any wider

And ends after you have closed your eyes for the day, no matter

Always thinking of her children; that no one can smother


So think of your Mother on every day

As she is available to you for advice and succour every moment of the day

She must be venerated in every which way

With the dedicated Mother’s Day to celebrate a Mother’s dedicated ways



Noor Rahim    

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