Prelude to the Corona Virus – by Noor Rahim

Prelude to the Corona Virus – by Noor Rahim

covid 19(coronavirus)

NOOR R. RAHIMNow that most of us have a free moment from our onerous and routine tasks that we are so attuned to; I believe we can now (at least) spare a few moments from the “Board Games” & sometimes “Bored Games” to think back in retrospect of the “silent malady” that have struck the whole World so simultaneously and so venomously.

70 years or so ago, did I learn at school that “Humans will kill Nature & Nature will kill Humans” someday. – This is a point so etched into my mind; that I often keep wondering if this indeed will bear fruition.

As the years went by we did see rapid advancements in the life style; technological advancements; and the lure of better living (perhaps luxury living). Yes! From the “Bullock Cart” age we reached the “Jet Age” in leaps & bounds. However, to ones’ consternation the “Greed Factor” crept in surreptitiously into our very peaceful and docile lives. Always thirsting for “wants” rather than being content with just the needs to lead a comfortable life. Reminding one of “Please give me a little bit more – said Oliver Twist” to his master. Yes! We did accrue a wanting for more and more. The poorer became poorer and indebted and the rich got richer and richer just catering to these wants- and capitalising on it; to the maximum. But one has to be aware of the tenet of any spiritual Faith – When you go you do not take your materialistic properties with you; unless you are a Pharaoh – who is surrounded by his riches in his/her crypt; as they believe they will be re-born or be robbed by the “grave robbers’.

In our great venture into the Jet Age we lost a lot of the human virtues; built up on the Religious Faiths we followed. We only exclaimed “Oh! God – Why?” when we met with a calamity. We did of course enjoy the Holidays that came on a Religious occasion; and used it to show our exuberance and lavishness; even though we used our credit cards to do so to the oft heard tune of “Buy today & Pay tomorrow”; thus accruing debts and the hardships that follow in repayment.

The old saying of “Cut your coat according to the cloth” has no value whatsoever – With the Plastic Card that is the carrot that the Banks have dangling in front of your eyes. Have you ever thought of the fact that it is the clients (publics) own monies that they re-circulate and profit from. Yes – yours & mine. At the end of the year they boast of the Billions of Dollars made. The question arises – Do any of these profits accrue to the customers; and going further will the employees benefit in any way, other than being employed? It boils down to Corporate Greed – which is the bane of our very Society.

This is the same with all other Corporations too; very sadly. Again it is the case of the “Rich getting richer and the Poor getting poorer”. However we as the normal folks on the street too should be blamed for this. That is a grave craving based on sheer greed. I believe in Communism; it is “Each one according to his/her needs”. But in a Democracy based on Capitalism it is “Make hay while the sun shines”.

In a World of today the “Global Economy” rules the roost; the Spiritual concepts have taken the back-seat or is it in the trunk of the car – only to be used like the spare gasoline can; for an emergency?

We have devastated Mother Nature’s gift to Humanity by our very greed for materialistic gains. One can only think back in retrospect of the damage humans have done to our ecological systems. Systematically raped the forests & the seas; squandered all the minerals from the surface of the earth and under; and of course polluted the skies in innumerable ways.

Can you ask for anymore from the Humans who are gouging everything for profitable intents and purpose. Isn’t this paying scant attention to what lies ahead. Is the present calamity an attribute to our greed at the expense of the Mother Earth. Please think this over at this crucial moment, in the existence of our Planet.

The Authorities ruling the land are as responsible for this debacle and devastation; for they turned a “blind eye” and compromised on these corruptions and are trying to “close the gate after the horse has bolted”. They gave credence and made legislations to legalise acts of drugs; lust and other attributes that were always sacrosanct from time immemorial; and which emanated from the Holy Scriptures. No more is Religion; the very foundation of Humanity a priority; as seen by the banning of the Morning Prayers at Schools, which includes the wearing of religious symbols too. Teaching of sex in the Educational curriculum appears to have replaced the Morning Prayer. If this is not pulling the carpet under the feet of a growing child – I’m afraid I remain non-plussed.

I do not wish to expand on the Legislation of Narcotics – which incidentally started off as for Medicinal Purposes and now includes “for all purposes”. I dare not comment on the other aspects of the Religious Tenets that are being flouted.

In summarising; it brings to mind two fact based concepts from the day of yore:

  1. Sir Isaac Newton’s (in the year 687) 3rd Law of Motion that comes to mind; which states that “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. Can this Law be applicable to what we are currently faced with?
  2. The myth of the Lemming Rodents need to be related: It is the story (myth) that the Rodents commit suicide every few years by jumping off seaside cliffs. However, contrary to this myth, it is the fact they over reproduce and then kill each other (perhaps due to scarcity of food) whenever their population “explodes”.

The question remains – Do these two facts speak for the Malady that we are faced with today.

I leave you with this; for your thoughts and your learned deductions.

Noor Rahim

April 02, 2020


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