“AIYOH, VAYA -CON – DIOS” by Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’

“AIYOH, VAYA -CON – DIOS” by Desmond Kelly ‘the Star of eLanka’

“What to do,men? (aiyoh), Vaya (go) Con (with) Dios( God), Possibly, a good way of starting the New Year of 2018, telling the “rocket-man” where to go, if he keeps on firing his “fireworks”, but, much more importantly, for all my favourite readers of what will be the “Premier” Website for all Lankan/Aussies everywhere, (we are already in the “top 50” & have a medal to prove it), let me “put-it” another way. The song, “Vaya-con-Dios” was written by Larry Russell, Inez James & Buddy Pepper in 1953.

     A bloke by the “alias of catman 916” , in the throes of “Remembering Les Paul” published this “blurb” on the 15th of August, 2009, & as this writer is also a “catman”.

I happen to be a one-eyed “barracker”(follower) of an Aussie Football Team from the Melbourne Suburb of Geelong called the “Cats”, or ” big-pussies” , if you prefer to think of them, that way! , I beg to “second” the words of “catman 916”, exactly as he has written them.

Les Paul & Mary Ford recorded the most popular version of this song that year (1953), released by Capitol Records. It reached number one, on both the Billboard Best Seller and the Cash Box charts.

I do not own the right to the songs, audio, or images contained in this video. This sound recording is administered by EMI & Koch Entertainment. No copyright infringement is intended. The purpose of this upload is for viewer enjoyment and education, not for monetary gain.

     In addition to what catman 916 has written, catman, E.635 (My official Royal Ceylon number), I have to add that ANY VIDEO produced in this manner by eLanka, on my behalf, is done simply because I pick these Artistes & songs especially for our readers so they can, in turn, ENJOY GOOD MUSIC, nothing else.

Before I bring you the “lyrics” of this particular song, let me also inform you good people that Les Paul was injured, as a young man in the Air Force, I believe, injured to the extent that he could not play ordinary guitars & invented the “guitar” that, to date, is an extremely expensive, collectible one, especially made by him. Even today, only millionaires could afford to buy ” An S.G.Les Paul Gibson guitar.

Mary Ford, an Entertainer & Showbiz Celebrity in her own right, although never as well known as her husband, was the wife of Les Paul. She has a beautiful “clear” voice, & her husband has his own unique “style” of playing the “Les Paul S.G.Gibson” guitar.

Their style of music was both listenable & memorable.

                                                                      Desmond Kelly
                                                                      Star of eLanka.

                                “VAYA CON DIOS”

Now the hacienda’s dark, the town is sleeping
Now the time has come to part, the time for weeping
Vaya con Dios, my darling, vaya con Dios, my love
Now the Village Mission bells are softly ringing
If you listen with your heart, you’ll hear them singing
Vaya con Dios, my darling, vaya con Dios, my love

Wherever you may be, I’ll be beside you
Although you may be a million miles away
Each night I’ll say a prayer, a prayer to guide you
To hasten every lonely hour of every lonely day

Now the dawn is breaking through a grey tomorrow
But the memories we share, are there, to borrow
Vaya con Dios, my darling, vaya con Dios, my love

Vaya con Dios, my darling, vaya con Dios, my love.

     Les Paul was born on 9/6/1915, died 13/8/2009
     He was 94 when he passed on.
     Mary Ford was born on 7/7/1924, died 30/9/1977
     She was only 53 when she passed on.
May you both rest in peace now. “VAYA CON DIOS”.D.K.

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