The name Jerry Lewis, in the minds of most people, and especially “the oldies”, will immediately conjure up images of a Comedian who, together with singer/entertainer Dean Martin gave the World many magical moments in “Showbiz”, but my “story” today, is about another “Icon” of this very difficult “business”, another “Star”, with a similar name, in Jerry Lee Lewis. Mention this name and numbers like “Shake, Rattle & Roll & “Great balls of fire” plus dozens of others of the early rock n roll era come to mind.

     Many of the other “showbiz” personalities who “shone” in the 1950’s & 60’s have since passed-on (God rest their souls), but Jerry Lee Lewis (the killer), keeps on, keeping on.

This guy, born on the 29th September, 1935, his first cousin Mickey Gilley was born 1 year later. Music, it seems, ran in the family. For my “on-line” readers of eLanka, there is plenty to read about, especially on Jerry Lee, but many are not aware that, firstly, “the killer” NEVER sang or recorded an identical “version” of a song twice. His “arrangements” kept changing, proving his versatility, secondly, that he could sing rock n roll, rhythm & blues, honky- tonk, ballads, & Country, with equal dexterity, & thirdly, he would HAVE TO BE one of the greatest entertainers still alive. 

     When you see Jerry Lee Lewis walk up to a piano, you know that, even now, although much “quieter” than before, he will still entertain you superbly. It certainly was “another place, another time”, but one thing is evident. These two cousins would be impossible to beat when we say,

“there’s no business like Show-Business” Please watch & enjoy.


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