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The Drink – 3D – By Desmond Kelly

My dear eLanka readers, one & all, this “video-clip” featured for your enjoyment (only), is not 3 dimensional.

However, forget the foreign “lingo” imprinted on this Masterpiece and please only remember that my song, recorded a few years ago was the “hit” Wadakaha-sudhiya”, or, “The Drink”, as I “titled” it, for the “kalu-puka Suddhas” who followed me to Australia & then completely forgot the wonderful ” Sinhala-language” after being resident here for about 10 minutes. 

     “Stop carrying on like a bloody 2 bob watch, Des & tell us your reasons for this brief “title”.

“O.k, o.k, men, don’t get your amuday in a knot and I will tell”

     “3D” stands for “Dwarf Daniel & Dezabel” (she looks a bit of a Jezabel, but then, who cares?”. Sometimes, even I get my “spelling” wrong !.

     The first part of my song, like many of the “Singlish” ones I have written, always explains what the song is about, in Oxford English.(I pride myself in the use of our Queen Elizabeth’s English), then, of course, there is the “pure” Sinhalese, I can still read, write, & sing in. 

     The “chorus” of  “the drink” for all you new Lankan Aussies who want to “sing-along” with me, means exactly as it sounds. 

“Bivwa neda wadakaha sudhiya (she drank this crazy drink)

“Bivwa neda wadakaha sudhiya (means same bloody thing)

“Anay magay Emily-panay, kiyanda ko attha anay

“Please, anay, my Emily-life, tell me the truth, anay

“Bivwa neda wadakaha sudhiya ( do I have to keep repeating myself”)?,

     Just, as a matter of interest, folks, ANOTHER GROSS VERSION of this same song, sung by the same great singer (guess who)?, is now circulating in Australia.To the unknown producer,  all I can say is, ” If you want to “repeat” these ” classic-clips”, always try to bring your viewers something different. Try to show that you are just a little more intelligent than you look, and try not to be incognito.


Desmond Kelly

   Star of eLanka


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Upul Mahen – Mellowing Breeze – Listen to the entire CD


Upul Mahen De Silva launched his CD on 2 of October 2017 at Thornleigh Community Centre. Visharada Nanda Malini, Dr Rohana Weerasinghe. Dr Victor Ratnayake participated and two duets were sung by Upul Mahen with Visharada Nanda Malini and Dr Victor Ratnayake. Songs have been written by Mr Sunil Sarath Perera, Mr Vasantha Kumara Kobawaka, Mr Maithri Panagoda, Mr Lucian Bulathsinghala, Mr Saman Athavuda Hetti and Mr Mahinda Algama. Music Direction has been by Dr Rohana Weerasinghe, and three of the songs have also been composed by Dr Rohana weerasinghe. One song has been composed by Mr H M Jayawardene and rest of the 9 songs by Upul Mahen himself. The event was attended by over 250 invitees. All graphic art work including the CD cover design by Mr Athula Kaldemulla and event was narrated and conducted by Mr Asela Jayanath.


View all the photos from the recent Launch of the CD – Click here! or on the photos below


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