Discover the power of delicious masala dishes, in attracting more Indian tourists. – By Dr harold Gunatillake

Discover the power of delicious masala dishes, in attracting more Indian tourists. – By Dr harold Gunatillake



Sri Lanka’s irresistible beauty is not the only reason why Indian tourists are flocking to this island. The mouth-watering masala dishes served here have become increasingly popular among food enthusiasts. Indulge in the unique flavours and spices that will take you on a culinary journey. The science of taste is revolutionising Sri Lanka’s culinary scene, which is driving the creation of innovative dishes, with more arriving Indian tourists, which ranks the second highest next to Russia this year.

The popularity of Indian masala dishes is rising in Sri Lanka, attracting more Indian tourists to visit the beautiful island. The science of taste is revolutionising Sri Lanka’s culinary scene, driving the creation of innovative dishes and bringing in more Indian tourists. In my conversations with Indian tourists, I asked why they chose Sri Lanka as their holiday destination despite the similarities in our historical and traditional Website: backgrounds. Many mentioned that they were drawn to Sri Lanka’s rich history and were curious to explore the two countries’ shared cultural and natural heritage. To cater to the growing demand, Oak Ray hotels nationwide have initiated a movement to revolutionise Sri Lanka’s taste buds, including those of foreign tourists. To achieve this goal, Sujeewa, the managing director of Oak Ray Hotels, sought the assistance of Siva Kumaran, the operations director of Blue Elephant at Waldorf Hotel in Sydney. Siva, who was recently a Gold License Caterer and a student of Cornell University in Hotel/Motel Administration/Management, promptly flew to Doha and brought down one of his favourite master chefs, Sathiyaseelan, who works at the Radisson Blu Hotel – a 4-star hotel in the heart of Doha’s shopping centre and manages 19 restaurants and bars.

Sathiya and his chef’s wife arrived on November 10th to initiate training and cooking demonstrations for chefs in the Oak-Ray series of hotels. It was a delightful experience to watch the chefs’ cooking demonstrations in the kitchen with the spicy aroma lingering in the air. I was privileged to taste his creations with complex flavour profiles, which included a careful balance and harmonious blend of sweet, sour, bitter, and umami curries. Introducing Indian fusion cuisines with aromatic spices will attract Indian families to visit and enjoy a diverse culinary experience, sharing cultures and friendships. Sri Lankan expats visiting the island and those living in the major provincial cities will benefit from the availability of such varied cuisines.

Indian cuisine is healthy due to plant-based ingredients in many spicy curries. Turmeric, used in every Indian curry, is anti-inflammatory, helps reduce inflammation and boosts the immune system. Ayurveda, the foundation of traditional
Indian cuisine, uses various spices and ingredients believed to help reduce inflammation, which significantly contributes to chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Even though the staple diet in India is high in carbohydrates, consisting of foods such as chapatis, naans, and other flatbreads, options are still available to manage blood sugar levels. Yellow dhal, lentil soup with mixed veggies, and plant-based curries are all excellent choices for individuals looking to regulate their blood sugar levels.

Virginia Woolf once said, “One cannot think, love, or sleep well if one has not dined well.” Join me at Oak Ray Regency in Getambe, Sri Lanka, and let’s watch Masterchef as he demonstrates how to cook some Indian Masala creations. He will start with Kadai chicken curry and a vegetarian dish called Aloo gobi. If you’re ever at an Indian restaurant in Sri Lanka, be sure to try the kadai chicken curry. The balance of spices in the dish makes for a unique and exciting culinary experience. Additionally, you can also find this dish at Oak Ray hotels throughout the country. I hope you enjoyed this video presentation. Until next time, goodbye for now.

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