As we go through life, there are many of them.
I was of the “age” when “same-sex” marriages were not even heard of. For us, it was simply boy loves girl and vice-versa. Everything was wonderful. Yet, when
I started to write my songs, I knew, from personal experience, that these “love-stories” could sometimes be fickle. So, this is why I wrote songs like :-

                          “TEACH ME TO LOVE YOU”
                       (Latin Bolero/Swing Tempo).

Teach me to love you, teach me all I need know
Show me the meaning of that sweet word “amor”
Give me a lesson on what’s wrong and what’s right
Teach me to love you, teach me tonight

Come on, (“swing”) & teach me to kiss you
teach me to squeeze you
teach me to hold you close
 then, someday, teacher
 we’ll see a preacher
might well be tomorrow
who knows?
(back to bolero)
I’m your star-pupil, and you bet, I’ll be bright
Teach me to love you, teach me tonight
Teach me, my darling, teach me, tonight.


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But, a few years(or months) later :-

                                    “WHY TELL ME”!

If he treats you badly, makes you sad
If he’s brought you misery
There’s no use in crying, if you think he’s lying
And, I’m a stranger, why tell me?

If he now acts coldly, says he’s glad
To call off all the revelry
There’s no use in pining, for love that’s past aligning
And, I’m a stranger, why tell me!

Do you remember every little thing I told you
When the love we shared, was new?
But you thought you knew better
And I still have the letter,
In which you told me that we were through

I once loved you madly, but you had
Never any time for me
So if his love is dying, there’s no use in crying
To someone who’s fancy-free
And, I’m a stranger, WHY TELL ME? !!.

Lyrics & Music by Desmond Kelly.

As Ned Kelly said & Des Kelly says, “Such is life”!!

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