CAVALIERS OR COWARDS?

Reluctant, though I was, I watched 4 Corners recently, very nearly the entire programme showing the SHAMELESS, SADISTIC,SLAUGHTER of beautiful “wild-life” by COWARDS posing as gallant CAVALIERS. 

If these “S.S.SODS” even imagined themselves to be another “modernized” Platoon of one Adolph Hitler, I have to inform them that, cruel as they were, the S.S. & even their inglorious leader who treated his German Shepherd Dogs with kindness, would not have used their powerful firearms to shoot, maim & kill lions, tigers, bears, & even elephants, to name just a few, simply for the THRILL of killing these innocent creatures of God, then proudly posing with the sad, mutilated bodies, pretending to be CAVALIERS.

     The Oxford Dictionary tells us that Cavaliers are “Gallant Gentlemen”. Gallant,  Gentlemen, my bloody foot!. These so-called “HUNTERS” should realize, even with the “peas” they have for brains, is that there is NO bravery, just COLOSSAL COWARDICE on their parts to point a loaded rifle or firearm at a poor defenceless animal, then pull the trigger,  sometimes killing it with one bullet, but most times, having to “fire” over and over again, wounding the animal who has then to go through intolerable pain before it gives up the ghost.

     None of these C.C’s,  who pay huge sums of money to decimate animals who are already on the brink of extinction, as it is, will face up to one of these beasts with their own “Cavalier-Hands”, oh no, These bastards are all “Janes”, Tarzan was just a myth. Instead of hiring “slaves” to carry their guns and “FIND” the “victims” for them, they should also hire MANAGERS,  then they will not have to handle themselves. I remember this story very well. As a very young boy, I was once presented with  “Catapult”.

Eager to try it out I picked up a small stone, loaded the catapult as I was shown and without a “target” in sight, I “fired” it into the high branches of a tree. I still remember the acute distress I felt when this stone accidentally “hit” a little “Kondaya” & the bird fell dead a few feet from where I was standing. I buried that little bird with tears streaming from my eyes and vowed that I would never use a catapult again. I never did, & even now, at 4 Score years,I cannot even contemplate killing an ANT. If I see a small army of them looking for something to eat, I am not senile and neither do I feel ashamed to say that I leave tiny bits of food and fruit and watch them with interest as they get stuck into their “meal”. To my way of thinking, every Man Woman, Child, Animal, Bird & Insect comes into this World,for a certain purpose & for a very short time, in the true context of the word. This is true of any animal, fish or even a reptile like a cobra. LEAVE THEM ALONE & THEY WILL NOT HURT YOU. Trod on a cobra and it will probably kill you in a second, Go into a Sharks territory and it will quite probably have you for

     To get back to 4 Corners. Wild animals now being humted and killed are facing,  & have faced what I would term a  “DOUBLE BOGEY”. Unfortunately for them, these Cavalier S.O.B.S  are mostly “Effluent” who are “Affluent”, have purchased thousands of ACRES on which captured animals of ALL SORTS are kept in enclosed “parks” & much like shonky dog & cat breeders,  these wild animals are imprisoned in these vast unnatural areas for the sole purpose of breeding. Luckily, some of these animals do get their food and water supplied to them BUT hundreds of these creatures have been seen to be ill, emaciated, hunks of beef & bone through thorough NEGLECT. The supposedly LUCKY (?) ones are bred, solely for the purpose of having “their young” sent out into the “wild” to be hunted and killed and so it goes. A vicious, virtual 360 degree cycle of pure bad luck for our animal friends who are “speechless”, of course and cannot complain.THE MAIN CAUSE OF IT ALL?, MONEY,
Money & More Money. These so-called “Cavaliers” who are very wealthy morons, cannot think of anything intelligent to spend their money on so they go into what is simply termed “ANIMAL CRUELTY”.
I feel certain that MOST readers who see this article will agree with me. To all the “C.Cs” who read this I say, “IF YOU ARE SO MISERABLE & HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO, IF YOU CANNOT SWIM, JUMP INTO THE NEXT DEEP WATER-HOLE YOU SEE & DROWN YOURSELF. THIS WAY, AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED IT WILL THEN BE “G.R.O.B.R.” (Good riddence of bad rubbish)

Desmond Kelly.

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I agree unreservedly, that animals are being forced to bear the brunt of man’s sadistic acts of bastardization. It has become more the norm, than the exception. A particular case in point is the Dehiwela Zoo, where most of the animals are reportedly being underfed, kept in smelly cages & their meat which had been labelled ”unfit for human consumption”, was allegedly sold by the establishment’s employees to unscrupulous traders, over the outer perimeter zoo wall, back in the mid-1980s. Whether this despicable practice still prevails, could be anyone’s guess. I recently posted a detailed comment on facebook; (Refer my… Read more »