Isn’t it strange, folks? , This writer migrated to Australia from Ceylon very nearly 60 years ago, got off the good Ship “Oriana” in Melbourne, with my wife & two very young sons, Michael.& Douglas, plus my first “contribution” to Australia, my daughter Michelle, about to be “gifted” to this Country in 6 months time, via my wife Cynthia (God rest her Soul), who. 3 years later, presented Australia with her final child, my youngest son, Warren Kelly.

     This brief, but interesting story began on the 25th of February, 1962, when I first set foot in Melbourne, LEGALLY, with nothing else but the clothes on our  bodies, plus, of course, a few suitcases, still to be off-loaded, containing whatever was absolutely necessary to start our new life here (& it wasn’t much, I can tell you). Our “finances” on.arrival, was not much to talk about either. Under Ceylon Government legislation, at the time, each adult was permitted to “take-out” only £75 (total). This mean’t that,.after our “passages” were FULLY paid to the Orient Lines, Cynthia and “your’s truly” ended up in this great brown land with a total of £150 with whichvto start a brand new life here. I was lucky. I earned a few extra dollars doing a couple of “floorshows” on board the “Oriana” en-route. My “entertainment experience” enabled us to a few “extras” on board. However, all  “Royalties” due to me, from the sales of my “hit” record, DreamWorld, were also “waived” from the day I left. It seemed that the Ceylon Government at the time, considered themselves “dirt poor” & needed this extra cash. How many millions of Rupees I lost, as a result, I’ll never know!.

     Firstly, we, like thousands of other Burghers were practically forced to leave the Country of our birth, because of a stupid “Sinhala-only” policy that Ceylon, at the time, had enforced.  The Sinhalese people, themselves, were not happy with what was happening to their friends, the “Karapotthas”, as we were fondly referred to. The fact is that these “insects”  were leaders, & many “Sinhala-Modayas” followed the Karapotthas into Australia.

     Secondly, we, “Burgher-Buggers”, as I like to call “us”, came from one stupid policy, into another equally stupid “White Australia” Policy legislated by the Australian Government, at the same time. How “stupid” can these “Pollies” in.general, get? .
The Australians seemed to forget that THIS LAND belonged legally to the Aborigines, yet, here they were, trying to import only people with a sickly white skin!.

     Anyway, folks, this is all in the dim past, and rightly so.

     Now, of course, we are the MOST Multicultural Society in the World. Australian Politics has gone from one extreme to another. They never to do anything by “halves”,However, ALL NEW AUSTRALIANS MUST REMEMBER THESE POINTS.  

1.   Australia exists for AUSTRALIANS ONLY!. Colour of skin does not matter a jot. We all go GREY when we pass AWAY.

2.   Multiculturalism only exists for those who assimilate into the Aussie way of life. “ASSIMILATE”, DO NOT “SEGREGATE”. If assimilation is not your thing, GO BACK to your own Country & “DISSIPATE” over there. 

3.   Australia is a  CHRISTIAN Country. New Australians are welcome to WORSHIP anyone they wish to worship, yet, Christianity here, takes a back-step for NO-ONE!!. 

4.   English is the official language of Australia. If you wish to speak FRENCH, go to France, where ONLY French is spoken, anyway. 

5.   DO NOT try to enter Australia ILLEGALLY.  You may come here by boat (Ship),or Plane, but wait your turn and come here LEGALLY. This way, means that you won’t have to go back again.

6.   You are Australian now. Try to do the right thing by your new “home”, but never forget where you came from. Your Motherland is most important, but now, that you are in this great brown Land, RESPECT IT.

    Desmond Kelly.


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