“SAMOA-SILASILA” – by Des Kelly

“SAMOA-SILASILA” – by Des Kelly

Watching the above, on an early Sunday morning, made me realize, beyond any doubt, that “MUSIC” is still, and always will be, a total necessacity of life, for most of us, who enjoy this most amazing five-letter word, no matter who, ‘or where we are, whether we live in the proverbial Mansion on the hill,  or even on the Streets anywhere, as unfortunately, so many of the sad, homeless, these days, are forced to do. Reminiscing, as I find myself doing now, in what is sardonically termed “the departure lounge”, I often think about those of us who started life in the beautiful little Island of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), who did not possess all those fancy radiograms or even radios, of any sort, but did not miss listening to the old Redifussion broadcasts, gifted to us, ex-Radio Ceylon, on simple square wooden boxes also freely supplied to whoever asked for them. I remember well, that even as I walked to College, (St.Peter’s), Bambalapitiya, from home in Kirillapona, quite some distance away, with my younger brother Ian, saving the busfare that dad gave us, for the “Chinchoru- Woman” who supplied us with the Gram or “Achaaru” needed at interval, each day. I still remember all the Western Music & Song, blaring loudly, out of many humble boutiques, or “Kade’s” along the way, on REDIFUSSION, and what a pleasure it never failed to give us.

Now, let’s get back to the Music I am talking about. As everyone already knows, my preference in yet another gift that God has given us, is Music, ANY Music, as a matter of fact, that is melodic, smooth, and unforgettable, in more ways than Nat King Cole mentions in his song. I love Country Music, but on this particular Sunday morning, I watched this Samoa- Serenade by a Mother & Son combination, that I thought would be thoroughly enjoyed by most of our e’ Lanka Members who, like me, enjoy good Music. Please remember folks,




Desmond Kelly.

(Editor-in-Chief) e’ Lanka.

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