DECLAN DECLARED (“Don’t tell me what to do”) – By Des Kelly

It’s time for a bit of globe-trotting, for, & on behalf of eLanka. “Your’s truly” has been concentrating on the Stars and Icons of “Country Music”, U.S.A., so, I have decided that, as there are many”big names” in the Musical Showbiz all around this Planet of ours, it is high time our readers enjoyed those whom, I think, fit the bill as far as superb entertainment is concerned.

     Declan Nerney, an Irish singer/songwriter, was born in Drumlish County, Longford and started his career at 16 years of age, in a local band, “The hi-lows” but his big break came with his autobiographical song “The Marquee in Drumlish”. Although not a Johnny Cash or Waylon Jennings in stature, Declan was “big” in his love of music, especially Irish folk/Country, & recorded both, in Ireand & later, America.

     Also featured in this particular article, are a “duo” considered to be one of the finest in “Erin”, the fabulous Mick Foster & Tony Allen. The “Foster & Allen Duo” have been around for 40+ years, and released more than 30 albums, many of which entered the U.K.Albums’ charts.


     It certainly feels good to feature these Irishmen, and, as a tidbit of extra information, when Declan Nerney was advised not to bother about going to Nashville to record any material over there, he was quite definite, when Declan declared “Don’t tell me what to do” & did just that. Typical Irishman. Ladies & Gentlemen, boys & girls, please enjoy.!


Desmond Kelly

   Star of eLanka


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