“THIS IS LIFE”.- By Des Kelly

“THIS IS LIFE”.- By Des Kelly

Both of them started their lives never dreaming of the “Stardom” that was to come their way. Tammy Wynette and George Jones, their names would have to be known by ex-Lankans & others, even “settled-down” at the moment, at the centre of the Arctic Circle, so very famous, are they. Both started far from affluence, George, having to join the Marines to “help” a large, but impoverished family, Tammy, actually picking cotton as a very young girl, prompting her to always keep a bowl of cotton-wool in her home, even after stardom.

     As I have always said (& written), the term “this is life”

could not be better said (or sung), in anything but Country Music. The harshest critics of this music will have to agree that Country music, especially by these two, will bring tears into the eyes of the listener, whenever or wherever they hear it.

     Both Tammy, and George, rate in the top 3 of my favourite “Stars”. Both have voices that come forth with such “feeling & warmth”, it seems impossible for either to sing a “bad song”. Both of them look good as they do their thing, both of them reached the top rung of the “showbiz” ladder.

Tammy Wynette, whose “Stand by your man”(hit), should have taught her a lesson, but really did not, as she stood by 5 husbands & George Jones was one of them. She died tragically at the young age of 55, most of those years spent in pain, both physically & mentally. I will present my eLanka readers with more “clips” of Tammy’s solo performances as we remember them. Tammy, rest in peace now. I loved you, as did George & thousands of other Country Music lovers.

     George Jones, being a Marine of the U.S. was just about the only period of time when he had some discipline drilled into him, however, he was always a rebel at heart. Later on, he was acclaimed as the ultimate ” singer” of Country Music. Nicknames such as ” Possum” & “No-show” Jones did nothing to deter him from singing every lyric of every song he ever sang, as if was truly saying “THIS IS LIFE”.

George Jones died at 81 years of age, but I will never forget you, your songs & the way you sang them. R.I.P. George Jones, one of the greatest “Country Stars” of all time.

Desmond Kelly

  Star of eLanka




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