For the first time, a song composed by Jessi Colter, beautiful, talented performer, wife of “Country Icon” Waylon Jennings, has been “covered” by many Artistes, simply because it is a great song. eLanka readers have been promised that only the very best musical clips will be chosen by “yours truly”, for your listening (and viewing pleasure), and this is no different.


One of the BEST Country singers is none other than Gene Watson. This is easy to see, through almost every song he sings. Here, “For the first time” is a trifecta of Grene ` songs for you, dear readers. If you enjoy superb music, written by extraordinary song-writers, performed by “STARS” of Country music, sit back & enjoy G.W. performing 3 top hits, this one, “-For the first time” getting him into the limelight, in Nashville surroundings, “And then, you came along”, continuing with another tragic “Country Love Story”, to end with the final, “Couldn’t love have picked a better place to die”(a fairly lengthy title) but still another beautiful song, made even better, by the man who sings it. The one & only Gene Watson.

I heard the above song, many years ago, loved it then, and love it even more, sung by one of the best in the business. These songs, in my own opinion, are in a class of their own, and would have to be a welcome bonus for all of my friends out there. “For the first time”, enjoy.



Desmond Kelly

Star of eLanka


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