What if you could design life on your own terms?

What if you could design life on your own terms? 

What if you could design life on your own terms?  

Would you like to know how you can design your life with the right mindset?  Watch Num Tamil’s Talkshow Kathipoma, where the talented talk show host Sharthar interviews the multi-award-winning Life Coach Uma Panch from Sydney, Australia.  

It was a brilliant interview and many in-demand topics were discussed including subconscious mind conditioning, reprogramming your mind, rewiring your brain, mindfulness, neuro-linguistic programming, laws of attraction, manifestations, visualisation, deep state repatterning, mindset coaching, life coaching, how to transform your life, how to find solutions to the problem, why you have problems, how to deal with COVID chaos, relationships, emotions and much more. 

Learn what’s stopping you from having and how you can create your dream life and much more…. Don’t miss it! 

Uma Panch sponsored a Self-Discovery Session valued at $250 for four participants. The prize winners are Manju Shri, Mohamed, Irsath Puvaneswaran Sivaguru, Tariq Thaha. 

You see, you cannot do the same thing and expect a different result. This is your opportunity to do something different. Join us for the interview….. 

Uma Panch is a multi-award-winning Life Coach who helps people to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. 

Sharthar MJM is the Director and host at Num Tamil Radio 

Num Tamil is the First-ever 24 hrs Tamil Radio station in New Zealand. 

Watch Num Tamil’s Kathipoma talk show on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/NumTamil 

Watch  Num Tamil’s Kathipoma on Facebook https://fb.watch/60hkZcxsi8/ 

Contact Uma Panch: uma.umapanch.com | www.umapanch.com 

Contact Sharthar: sharthaar@gmail.com 


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