“A RAY OF HOPE” – By Des Kelly

“A RAY OF HOPE” – By Des Kelly

He was a “ray of hope”, at what price ?. Yet another “Star”, of the best music in the World, as far as I am concerned, anyway, His name ?, Ray Price, of course.

Many “rays of hope” in the “Country-World” of America, shone for a while, then faded, to a dull “glow”, only because there were so many aspiring Artistes in that field of music, one had to be “extra-special” not only to “find” a host of “Star-followers”, but, more importantly, to “keep”these “fans” in high pursuit of their ‘Icons”.

“Women first, even to the gallows” was an adage I recall from younger days. Growing up, the names Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn and Anita Carter, stood out because of the fact that they always performed perfectly, with their individual “styles” in presenting a “Country- Song”.

Dolly Parton not only stood out on these abilities, she, stood out, on a couple of “extra-points”, and what points, they were!, superb points that kept the “fans” always coming for more, what’s more, they still do!.

My “favourites”, among the “boys” were many and varied. It seemed to me that the “males” always outnumbered the “females” when it came to performing Country Music. In the latter part of the previous millennium, “wanna-be” male Country Stars flocked to places like Nashville in order to get “that Nashville-Sound” that was so very special to ” everyone around. They arrived here, from all over the World.

Many, like Daniel ODonnell came to America to “record” vsrious  songs & Albums, from Ireland. They could record in their Home-Countries, of course, but it seemed that the “Nashville Sound”, the “crying pedal-steel guitars”, the “electric-fiddles” &, of course, the “back-up voices” (generally female ones),was something worth travelling many thousands of kilometres for, and so they came, in their droves, to “have a go”, as we say, in Australia.

Writing for eLanka, as I do, I consider myself very fortunate to bring our readers my preference in presenting these music clips, not only of Country Music, but also for the various styles of music, played & sung by “the greats”, many of whom (like Ray Price), have “passed-on” the big “stage in the sky. This “procedure” is still another “first”, for me, in the case of the subject I love. Neither eLanka or “your’s truly” gain any financial benefits from this, whatsoever, as a matter of fact, these “clips” further publicize the songs, etc., that have already had their “first-outing”& good luck to them.

They certainly deserve it. Here then, folks, is the talent of Ray Price in triplicate for you to enjoy.Listen to the Man. Before you know it, you will certainly be still another “fan”.

This will be yet another “Series” for eLanka, by far, the BEST website for Lankan/Aussie ex-patriates + all Country Music Lovers, everywhere.


Desmond Kelly.

Star of eLanka.


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