She is a beautiful, multi-talented,entertainer that Australia is proud to call “their own”, however, she was born in England, of a German mother, Irene Born, and an English father Brinley Newton-John, who migrated to Melbourne in 1954, when Olivia Newton John was just six years old.

Like all true “Stars”, Olivia started showing off her talents at a very young age, and became active in showbiz since 1963 when she was fifteen, singing and dancing her way into the hearts of everyone she met.

Because of the nature of this “Series”, it is impossible to elaborate on the careers of the “Stars” or songs I feature, but suffice to say that Olivia Newton John, now 70 years old, became a World-famous Star, as “Sandy” in the film called Grease, with John Travolta, also starred in a film called Xanadu, which, although IT did not beat any box-office records, brought her fame with the song of that “title”.

She is not only beautiful and talented, she is also an extremely brave lady who is, at the moment battling breast- cancer, diagnosed, not once, but thrice, in later life.

On behalf of every single reader of eLanka, I wish Olivia Newton John, the very best that only a most merciful God could offer her. May the wonders of medicine keep her going, because, after all, they are beating Cancer at the moment, and hopefully breast cancer will be in their sights right now.

Following Olivia Newton John & Xanadu, is yet another Star that does not need any introduction whatsover. Born into a large family, Michael Jackson “stood out” from his older siblings, his brothers, automatically taking the lead in any production, usually overseen by a very strict father.

Later, one sister, Janet, came into the picture, the prettiest of the lot of them, still, Michael, who unfortunately died from a suspected homicide (medications prescribed by his doctor),was, without a doubt, one of the BEST entertainers that this World had ever seen. HE had no “XSCAPE” but may you now rest in peace, Michael Jackson. You were certainly from another “genre” of music, but still along with Elvis, “Entertainers” of the greatest calibre, that I have been lucky to watch, on-stage. Elvis had no Xscape either and died, far too young.

 Desmond Kelly.
Star of eLanka.

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