Diabetes explained – By Dr Harold Gunatillake

Diabetes explained – By Dr Harold Gunatillake


Over the past three decades, the number of people with diabetes mellitus has more than doubled globally, making it one of the most important public health challenge to all countries- developing and developed. India is referred to as a diabetic country, and the incidence is unbelievable. It was considered a rich man disease, but no more: the poorest in India suffers from diabetes and rich food may not be the cause. Their main diet is a high carb food made of rice, wheat, potatoes and so on

The incidence of diabetes in Sri Lanka too is increasing just like in India, and highly processed carbs may be the culprit.

Obesity is widespread and with it goes insulin resistance and diabetes.

This video is all about explaining in very simple language the importance of eating the right foods, exercising and maintaining a strict discipline to control the sugar readings in the blood.

The importance of the memory test for the diagnosis and assessing the blood sugar situation is well discussed.

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