eLanka Newsletter – 13 Sept – 4th edition – Sri Lankans in Australia

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Sri Lankan Born Kerrigan, #1 on more than SIX Charts


A Life Hack for when we’re Burnt Out & Broken Down – By Uma Panch

Australian Government: Department of Defence presents 600 books to the Commandant of the Sri Lankan National Defence College

Kaleidoscope with Savithri Rodrigo

King Asoka’s Veterinary Hospital – by Noel Nadesan

Bahiravakanda Vihara Buddha Statue in Kandy – By Arundathie Abeysinghe

Kidney disease a complication of Diabetes-by Harold Gunatillake

27-year-old Gauravdeep Singh Narang was on his way home after finishing his day’s work as a food delivery driver when he died in a tragic car crash in Melbourne last week -BY AVNEET ARORA

Uvaisul Karnain excellent hockey player and cricketer-Althaf Nawaz

Sri Lanka-Australia-New Zealand Business Council 25th Annual General Meeting


Nibbana – By Sahan Weerasooriya

Eleven Things We Have The Burghers To Thank For-by Shannine Daniel

A few days in Yala -September 2020 – By Stefan D’silva

Noel News- By Noel Whittaker

Sigiriya – Garden City of King Kassyapa – unimaginable- by Harold Gunatillake

Expats & Travelers: Arugam Bay, Hippy Market in Sri Lanka

LEARN TO MAKE HOPPERS IN JUST 2 MINUTES | විනාඩිදෙකෙන් හරියට ආප්ප හදමු | SIMPLE & EASY | REVEALED -by Manjula Fernando (Sri lankan Street Food by Manjula Fernando)

Doni | Sinhala Film


JobKeeper changes have passed Parliament — here’s what you need to know: by political reporter Jordan Hayne

Obituary: Asoka Perera

Obituary Notices -September

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Heart Failure is preventable-video and transcript-by Harold Gunatillake

Harold Gunatillake

Web Site:www.Doctorharold.com

The is a terminal situation where the heart muscle pumping system gets weaker, and the blood circulation gets affected. The brain gets disorientated, Lungs becomes congested with incoming venous blood for oxygenation, the body swells starting from your feet, and kidneys start failing. It is a terminal condition which can be reversed if detected early.

The incidence in Australia is high- over 10,000 cases per year, when medical treatments are at its best compared to most other countries.
In Sri Lanka, heart failure incidence from heart disease is extremely high compared to the more developed countries. One reason is that coronary procedures (such as angioplasty/stent and bypass surgery) are carried out in Sri Lanka, it is not financially affordable to most Sri Lankans. For instance, a coronary bypass surgery costs around $2000 whereas the average income of a Sri Lankan is around $3362 per annum.
People do not seem to realize the seriousness of the condition through neglect, until the terminal stages are reached. The best of treatment facilities may not suffice during the irreversible stage.
It is common after the age of 60, more common in women than men.

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eLanka Newsletter – 6 Sept – 2nd edition – Sri Lankans in Australia

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“A, B, C, & D VIRUS IS ON THE WAY” – By Des Kelly

Sri Lanka National Sports Council 2020 Members

Eulogy – Mary Irene Lucia Herft (van Rooyen)
14.12.1933 – 22.08.2020

Kaleidoscope with Savithri Rodrigo

The Sri Lankan designer making eco-conscious gender-inclusive clothes – By Hena Sharma

Lipton’s Seat – Tea with breathtaking views – By Arundathie Abeysinghe

Obituary: Walter Perumal

Hilton Hotels Sri Lanka together with Big Spark by Gateway and SOS Children’s Villages plan to raise awareness amongst children on “SAVE THE OCEAN” by hosting one of the biggest virtual competitions.

The Weekly Wrap Up with Karina Okotel


The Girl With the Apple
An amazing and true story by Herman Rosenblat

Sri Lankan Romola Sebastianpillai nurtures Irish culture in Darwin-By Conor Byrne

The Colombo Oval and I – by S. Skandakumar

REMEMBERING A LADY EXTRAORDINAIRE: Romany “Romy” Tucker By Joe Van Langenberg

SRI LANKA NEWS (AUGUST 2020) – Compiled by Victor Melder

Just one Drink a Day- new Proposal-Dr Harold Gunatillake

Restless Spirit-Raised Up – by Oscar E V Fernando

Chandiyage Putha | Sangeetha Weeraratne

Hope this brightens your day—Enjoy the good old Sri Lanka Baila

Demise of SHIRALI PEIRIS, the fmr. Police rugby player


Heshani Samantha De Silva – Family Violence: A call for help, yet to be answered

Obituary: Asoka Perera

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Health & Views – September 1st Issue – by Harold Gunatillake

Harold Gunatillake

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Sri Lankans Need to Eat More Mushrooms-by Dr. Harold Gunatillake

Harold Gunatillake

Shiitake mushroom (lentinula edodes)

Can mushrooms improve immunity, reduce heart disease, and even fight and reverse cancer, as believed?

There are people in sri Lanka still believing that most edible mushrooms sold in the markets, could be poisonous and hesitate purchasing. Yes, there are thousands of varieties of mushroom, naturally found and grown, and most of them are poisonous. Today, there are popular varieties of farm grown mushrooms available in the markets, and they are guaranteed to be safe for consumers. No cases of poisoning or death have been reported in sri Lanka in the recent past, to our knowledge. Mushrooms are not vegetables though available in the vegetable markets, they belong to the fungi kingdom, like penicillin discovered from the fungus penicillium notatum.

Mushrooms have no attractive colours like the many colourful varieties of vegetables containing the most vitamins and minerals, but though commonly white in colour prove containing important nutrients, specifically focussed on boosting your immune system.

Mushrooms are low calorie, virtually have no fat, and they decrease the risk of obesity and benefits heart health. They have hardly any soluble sugar and forms worthy nutritious food for diabetics. Also, when eaten, you get a filling of fullness and may curb your appetite.
They are good for your complexion and hair.

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Heart Burn- what is it?-by Harold Gunatillake

Harold Gunatillake



Heart burn is a symptom you feel, when stomach acid backs up or refluxes into the esophagus, or I mean your gullet the food pipe that connects the throat with your stomach.

The gullet is more friendly to alkaline foods because your saliva which gets mixed with your food you eat is more alkaline.

Your gullet does not like acidic foods or acidic drinks, or gastric acid juice eructing into the gullet.

So, when stomach acid with food you eat, refluxes back into your gullet you get that burning feeling behind your heart.

So, now you know why the condition is referred to as heart burn.

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Will Eggs Break Your Heart?-by Harold Gunatillake

Harold Gunatillake



An egg gives life to a chick
It has all the ingredients and recipe for that creation.
Say no more, about its health benefits to mankind
Dr. Harold
A new report in JAMA found that eating even small amounts of eggs daily significantly raised the risk for both cardiovascular disease and premature death from all causes in nearly 30,000 participants. And the more eggs they ate, the higher their risk for coronary heart disease, stroke, and heart failure.
This is what we are going to discuss today, and attempt to unravel the confusion
If you have a cholesterol level concern, the first step and the solution would be to improve it, and not deprive yourself of eating an egg daily.
About five decades back your doctor would have asked you not to eat eggs, as they are a ball of cholesterol that will cause plaques in your coronary vessels to cause coronary heart disease. About 200 mg cholesterol is found in the York of each egg.
That myth was debunked, and U turned about three decades back
It was revealed that the cholesterol per se in dietary fats did not influence the cholesterol level in your blood, and it was the saturated fats you eat, that is used as a raw product by the liver and converted into extra blood cholesterol.
Cholesterol plays an important role in the body, and that is why the liver and intestines make about 80% of the cholesterol you need to stay healthy.

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Video on Resistant Starch and health benefits by Dr Harold Gunatillake

Dr. Harold Gunethilake

Resistant Starch and health benefits

Let us discuss today, the importance of knowing what resistant starch is and its benefits to humans.
Starch is an odorless, tasteless, soft white substance that is made by all green plants.
They are classified according to structure or source, as follows:
RS1 resists digestion because it is bound within the fibrous cell walls. Sources: whole or partially milled grains, legumes, and seeds.
RS2 resists digestion because of the granule’s nature, Sources: raw potatoes, some legumes, unripe bananas, and high amylose starches, such as high amylose corn
RS3 is a man-made and chemically modified starch found in a wide range of products.
By definition- Resistant starch is a type of starch that does not get digested in the digestive tract, it is resistant to digestion by the gut enzymes, and considered a type of dietary fiber.

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