Seniors event- Annual Seniors’ Day for expat Sri Lankans in NSW, Australia – Video thanks to Dr Harold Gunatillake

Annual Seniors Day incorporated with The Sri Lankan Community Young Achiever Awards 2019 was held at Community Hall, Thornleigh NSW, Australia. Filming was done by Dr Harold Gunatillake


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Seniors- Open -Day organized by the Sri Lanka Association of NSW,Australia (Video by Dr Harold Gunatillake)

This is a monthly event organized by the Association to show gratitude for the Senior Sri Lankans’ for their services rendered in the past. This current event was on 4th April, at the Leisure Centre in Pennant Hills, and filmed by Dr Harold Gunatillake- Please share and enjoy- 9 minutes of fun.


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Westminster College – Study in Sydney, Australia



Westminster is one of the leading Vocational Education Training (VET) providers in Sydney with the core specialisation in accounting and financial services programs. The Westminster accounting qualifications are nationally recognised and are approved by appropriate government agencies such as Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), Commonwealth Register of Institutional and Course for Overseas Students (CRICOS), Tuition Protection Service (TPS) and designed and delivered to prepare graduates work-ready for the dynamic and technologically charged work environment of the 21st Century. The College takes pride in producing excellent and qualified graduates over the years who are working in their dream career.

The College is ideally located at the heart of Sydney Central Business District (CBD). The nearest public bus stops are 5 minutes’ walk and the major train stations (Town Hall station and Museum station) are just over 5 minutes walking distance from the college. The college is also in a close proximity to the world famous Darling Harbour and Opera House.

Westminster strives to provide a quality education at affordable costs to the primarily international students. Smaller class sizes and individual attentions made Westminster learning experience exciting and enjoyable.  Westminster trainers hand-picked based on their practical skills and expertise in current industry practice. Hands-on delivery approach together with assessment in a work-like simulated environment means, students at Westminster will develop practical skills that can easily be transferable in the real word situation. This is key factor why Westminster graduates are always ahead of the rest in securing jobs after they graduate.

Westminster College stand ready to prepare you for an important career path. Staff here at the College works very hard to ensure that your learning experience at the College is as enjoyable and effective as it can possibly be.

Westminster College: CONTACT US


Suite 501, Level 5, 541 Kent Street, NSW 2000

+ 61 2 92646144

+ 61 2 9264 6166,



A welcome note from the Principal

Student Details – Click here or on image below


Testimonials from Students – Click here of on the Image below

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A migrant’s first job in Australia: How to settle down

(Disclaimer: This article contains some general pieces of information only. I recommend where required you seek advice from your employer.)


Congratulations on landing your first job! Well done, you deserve this job. Your hard work through a large number of job searches, researching jobs, preparatory activities and job interviews has finally paid off. With the delight of getting your first job, other questions pop up in your mind:

♦ What’s next?

♦ How am I going to settle into this job?

♦ I know little about how they work in this place. How shall I survive?

Relax. I am a migrant too, to this beautiful country and I have been through this. I struggled with many questions and that is why I want to share some pieces of information with you.

Let’s take this article as a conversation between you and me.

The first day

Arrive on time

Arrive on time. To ensure you arrive on time, get the address from the recruitment agency or whoever has confirmed your employment. Also get the name and contact details of the person who you should report to upon arrival. Once you have got the address check the transport website (if you take public transport) or just Google how long it will take you to reach work from your home. It is actually a good idea to trial a journey to your work before you start working. That way on the first day you do not have to suffer from the anxiety of whether you will arrive on time or whether you will be able to spot the location.

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