HALGOLLA PLANTATION HOME – the unique sri lankan experience – October 2019



HALGOLLA PLANTATION HOME – the unique sri lankan experience – October 2019

Boulder Path

Boulder Path

Champaca Indica

Champaca Indica reputed to
produce the world’s most
expensive perfume

While the lunacy  that passes for the political process in Sri Lanka continues, we have been insulated from it by virtue of our relative geographical isolation.

The tourist arrivals in Sri Lanka have still not recovered to the levels that prevailed before the Easter Sunday holocaust but, with the security forces doing an admirable job of arresting a large number of those connected to that horror, there is a sense of peace having
returned to the country.

Senevi’s health has required sojourns in hospital and rest periods at his home over the last months and that, coupled, with his wife’s deteriorating health has necessitated his staying at his home for the foreseeable future.

Mgambo/Black Pearl
(Majidea Zanguebarica)

Mohan, who also  appears to have faced more than the average selection of life’s challenges, is resident with us and seeking to fill that gap in our (very limited) staff component and we hope that HPH will provide a domicile of stability and peace for him while he contributes to our diverse and unique enterprise.

“Thibbatu” – a wild vegetable
of the Solanum family

While I cross my fingers as I say so, it seems like we’ve got our potable water supply stabilised! Our next effort is going to be to stock our “Aeth Amuna” with edible fish – carp and Tilapia mossambica – and devise a means of supplementing their diet with store-bought fish
food pellets. I know, I know, we never seem to want to sit still for any great length of time.

The excuse for that pattern of behaviour? At our age, if we stop doing things we’ll simply keel over and “kick the bucket!” And while on the subject of diversification at HPH; we have the means of developing a nursery of foliage, fruit and garden plants for sale and the challenge is to find a suitable location and reliable person to do the retailing.

We would like to close this Newsletter with a request for feedback from you in the matter of content and format of our HPH newsletter. 

We’d be most appreciative of any suggestions for increasing our bookings without having to resort to high-priced advertising which we can’t afford!

Elephant foot

“Elephant foot” yam

With all good wishes,
Arlene & Emi

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