“HOT, OFF THE PRESS” – by Des Kelly

“HOT, OFF THE PRESS” – by Des Kelly

With due thanks to my friend Jude Goonewardane, Collector/Keeper of ALL Musical Extravaganzas emanating from olde Ceylon, Sri Lanka, and finally, from abroad, where Nimal Mendis, God rest his soul, composed this song to promote Air Lanka, a few years ago. The general public did not hear this song, unless they were on a flight of the said Airline. This was what we would term, a strictly promotional song, until Jude decided to install it on You-Tube, simply to give us all the chance to reminisce about this highly talented Icon, in Nimal, who also sings his song. Once again, thank you Jude, for giving me the chance of promoting yet another Songwriter from My Lovely Island Home.


Desmond Kelly.

(Editor-in-Chief) e’ Lanka.

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