“MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC” – By Des Kelly

“MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC” – By Des Kelly

    Now, here is something that I can really write about.

Firstly, I am an avid “watcher” of the A.B.C., but not because the dozen or more Commercial Television Stations in Melbourne are inferior, not by a long shot, for instance, I always make it a point of watching “Seven’s” weather forecast each evening, even though I really do not care what the weather is, or is going to be. I still prefer 7’s weather.

Secondly, ONLY advertisements involving animals and/or advertisements that feature good background music, such as the ones produced with Wayne Newton singing “Danke Shoen”(thank you, darling, thank you very much), are bearable to watch. Most of the rest are silly, if not downright stupid. These advertisements turn customers off, rather than on, & Thirdly, the BEST thing about television “ads”, is that one can take a few minutes off during them, in order to go to the toilet or, in case your prostate is in good order (men), you could make a cup of “Ceylon Tea”. If I was asked to write a jingle for our tea, to be advertised on “T.V.” I’d say,

“CEYLON TEA, for you or me, is the BEST in any CENTURY”

I would do my narration to the background music of my English lyric original composition ” My Lovely Island Home”

Incidentally, the above “jingle” is ONLY available thru eLanka

     It is the final day of November 2018. Summer is about to happen in Australia. The early morning news on “Aunty” brings us all the important “news” that is happening in Australia and around the World. In the middle of it all, comes the “breaking news” of “a good ‘un (an English contraction of the word “one”), as I’ve just said, a good un, in that the U.N.(United Nations),or Unesco have, in their wisdom,  decided that the genre of Reggae Music MUST be protected as a Global Cultural Treasure, forever more, amen!!.

     To take nothing away from Bob Marley (mention the name and you think of reggae), & in tribute to the man who sadly died at the young age of 36, and whose final words to his young son Ziggy were “Son, money can’t buy life”, very true words, when, even at that young age, Bob Marley’s nett worth, after he had passed on was around 130 million dollars. All very good, because Bob Marley personified the MUSIC that became a Jamaican treasure trove, one which is now on the U.N.List as to be  “protected” for all time.


         One of Bob Marley’ s most famous songs in reggae beat. “Stir it up” 



     Music, music, music. Began, with the “beginning of time”, in Africa, where all our predecessors, starting with the big apes who went around, not only beating their own chests, but also, with clubs, beating on the trees around them in order to send out warnings or call for “meetings” simply to decide when the next meeting would be (rings a bell somewhere doesn’t it ?).Lets forget that genre.

Then we come to the “Classics” both heavy, and light (which I prefer). My main ” thing” here, is that, IF REGGAE MUSIC is considered worthy of special “protection” around the Globe, then, so must all of these other categories, where I bring my readers ONLY the MOST POPULAR MUSIC as far as 99.9% of MUSIC-LOVERS are concerned. If my readers think that they are “missing out” on their favourite music, please write and let me know, or write to eLanka to express your views.


Insert Johann Strauss Jnr. song :-“The blue Danube”

The entire genre of light classics SHOULD be protected.

This song, among hundreds by Johann, is certainly the  BEST KNOWN.& best loved song by this great Composer.


     Following the Classics, we come to the JAZZ era. Both “heavy” jazz and  “Traditional Jazz” which I prefer. Let us now bring in an Aussie Jazzman, James Morrison (actually born in England),but bred in Australia,  a Musician who is the best in the World, as far as I am concerned. This type of music MUST be protected as well. This song started James off in his field, and if anyone can show me a better horn player, I will write a special story about him.  In America, I would pick Louis Armstrong, as No.1.God rest his Soul.

     Rhythm & Blues, follows. A superb combination of two extremely popular music favourites of thousands of folk, everywhere. My favourite & the favourite of everyone I know, is Whitney Houston. Not only beautiful, while she was alive (R.I.P.Whitney), she was blessed with a voice like an Angel.

Rhythm & Blues should also go into the “protected category”. There will ALWAYS be “top” R&B songs to listen to. Boogie Woogie also comes into this category, and if you want to listen to some Boogie Woogie, listen to old Gerry Lee Lewis play the Lewis Boogie on his “pianer”. Superb.

     Elvis Presley now comes into another Cultural treasure of music simply called Rock n Roll. He was the original “King of Rock n Roll” which Bill Haley and his “Comets” introduced during the 1950’s. Rock n Roll is certainly a Global treasure and should be named as such, but things like “punk-rock” which followed, was just that. A lot of “PUNK”.

    Then comes “Country Music”, my own personal favourite music, which steadily became better, more melodic, more meaningful, with every passing year, since originating in America. I call it “The music of life”, especially coming from Artistes such as Hank Williams Snr., in the old days to Artistes such as George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Merle Haggard, Patsy Cline and a host of other “Stars” who will never die, in the memories of millions of “fans” all over this Planet of ours. Country Music has had it’s ups & downs, but will never cease to be one of the BIGGEST GLOBAL TREASURES to not only be protected, but revered by those who understand what good MUSIC is all about. 



     So, finally we come to the undisputed rhythm of the Music which the Portuguese introduced into Ceylon, so very long ago. It was first called “kafferinga”, a music rhythm that later became what was termed  “Baila”& introduced to the people of the “teardrop of India” by Ceylon’s original “King of Baila”, Walter (Wally) Bastiensz. Wally was already entertaining audiences before Bob Marley was even a  gleam in his Father’s eye, and so I suggest that  “Baila” is ALSO given the recognition it deserves, by UNESCO. 

     MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC. Certainly the panacea for a World in turmoil.


Desmond Kelly

   Desmond Kelly.

   Star of eLanka


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