“PELL”S APPEAL” – By Des Kelly

“PELL”S APPEAL” – By Des Kelly

So, after quite a “spell”, a final appeal from the lawyers of Cardinal George Pell will be heard, to determine whether the highest rating “Catholic Cardinal” in Australia IS guilty, (he still denies the charges), and everyone knows that the Legal-System in Australia is a long, drawn out affair, but, after this appeal is heard and if it fails, then Cardinal Pell would possibly be sentenced to a term in prison, a huge “come-down” from the Vatican in Rome, where he was the third top-ranked Official of the Church, and could have possibly ended up as the Pope in a few years time, such was his standing there.

 While it is still a shock to the system, my view would always be that child-child-molestation is rampant everywhere, not just in the Catholic Church. Still, it is far worse when innocent children are molested sexually or otherwise, in places where molestation is least expected, by persons who are supposed to “look-after their young charges even more than their own parents do, sometimes.

 Of the two choir boys who were alleged to have been molested by Cardinal George Pell, one has sadly, already passed-on, so now, it is the testimony of a sexually molested boy (now a man), against Cardinal Pell. That is the Law of this Country. Innocent until proven guilty (Appeals included). Media, of course, are forced to make a “scoop” of a case like this for reasons that I would not even bother to explain. All the turmoil going on in the rest of the World is NOTHING!!, compared with what is happening locally, so now Cardinal Pell, the Catholic Church and even  the Pope is involved in this sordid crime. 

 For what it is worth, after being proven guilty beyond the shadow of a doubt, ANYONE who has molested a child or children should be incarcerated for life. Many of these innocents have committed suicide after realizing what has happened to them. Any man or woman (of the cloth), should be defrocked immediately, and then be sent to jail for a long, long time, and this includes persons who have acted a shields for paedophiles. They are accessories, and should not be treated any less firmly, by the Judges and the Justice system. It is NOT going to stop, but it will slow  down these morbid, satanic criminals when the realize that sooner or later, they will be caught and have to face the consequences for their sick crimes. 

Desmond Kelly.
 (Editor-in-Chief).  – eLanka.

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