Lamprais – An Inheritance from the Dutch



This narrative complements my previous e-mail on the Dutch influence on the Burgher community and deals predominantly with the renowned “lamprais”, which have been subjected to appalling and repulsive abuse in its contemporary preparations in Sri Lanka.

A brief explanatory note needs to precede the remarks that follow, to place them in context.

As you are aware, in 1998, the Dutch Burgher Union commemorated its 90th Anniversary, with the main event of the celebration taking the form of a grand public Dinner-Dance, which was, for the first time, held at a venue [a 5-Star Hotel] other than the DBU’s own hall at Thunmulla.  One of the features for that evening was the production of a Souvenir booklet to be handed to everyone who attended. As Chairman of the Organizing Committee, I was determined that it should take the form of a valued keep-sake, to be cherished, rather than thrown away following the event, and that, I am happy to state, was achieved, as many who attended the event have preserved their copies, notwithstanding the lapse of 22 years.

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